Become A Certified Running Coach, By Dr. Jack Daniels

Running coaches of all levels can now improve their resumes by becoming certified online by the “World’s Best Running Coach.” Are you up to the test? Take the VDOT O2 Distance Certification Exam, authored by legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels.

According to Runner’s World Magazine, Dr. Daniels “has had a bigger influence on training-for-running than anyone. He might be considered the Albert Einstein of the sport.” That influence is immeasurable because of the thousands of athletes Dr. Daniels’ research has affected through other coaches following his VDOT method.

Olympian Lynn Jennings To Speak At Next VDOT Clinic

We’re excited to announce that one of the greatest female distance runners of all time will be our featured guest speaker at the next VDOT Coaching Clinic on November 7th in New York City.

Olympic medalist, three-time World XC Champion and American record-holder, Lynn Jennings, will be joining Dr. Jack Daniels to share her experiences as both a coach and athlete. Lynn’s talk will focus on the “Importance Of A Coach And Teaching Your Athlete to Be Self-Sufficient.”

Getting My BQ


Tim Jones, Jack Daniels and Brian Rosetti at the VDOT Clinic

VDOT O2 aficionado, Tim Jones, shares his BQ success story while following a custom plan from Dr. Jack Daniels on our training calendar. He includes a review of the app and interview with our founder, Brian Rosetti.

Official VDOT Calculator Now Available On iPhones

VDOT-logo (2)

The iPhone version of the Official VDOT Running Calculator is now available for download (FREE) in the app store. This follows our first mobile release on Android earlier this year.

We worked hard to keep the design simple and crisp but at the same time we wanted the functionality to serve many needs for runners and coaches. For instance, our calculator’s main use case is to calculate your VDOT to help determine training paces and equivalent performances. But you can also use it simply to calculate race paces, determine how much distance you covered by entering pace and time or determine how long a run is by entering time and pace.

Let’s dig in to our main use case – calculating your VDOT!

First VDOT O2 Coaching Clinic In The Books


After selling out in just four weeks 75 coaches from across the country convened in NYC for the 1st Inaugural VDOT O2 Coaching Clinic and Certification. The clinic marks the first opportunity coaches can get certified by Dr. Jack Daniels upon passing his VDOT O2 Distance Coaching Exam online.

What’s Your VDOT?


Today we launched the VDOT Running Tee, designed by Dr. Jack Daniels. Read Jack’s backstory, follow the link and find out what level your top race performance earns in the VDOT scale.

VDOT Calculator On Android

VDOT-logo (2)

Our VDOT Calculator has gone mobile! If you have an Android phone you can now download our FREE app in the Google Play store.

Expect the iPhone version in the App Store sometime in early March.

VDOT Running Calculator Countdown: Testing Athletes


Jack testing athletes in Tahoe in preparation for the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

We’re counting down to the first release of the VDOT Running Calculator on Android and want to recognize how it evolved into our upcoming mobile technology.

It all began with testing done on athletes in the 60’s that helped produce the world renown VDOT formulas. Today, thousands of runners  across the world have utilized this research to become faster/stronger runners.