What’s Your Prediction For The Fight?

By Brian Rosetti

Five days to go until the NYC Marathon! This morning I cracked up looking at my iCal forgetting that on Sunday, November 7th I wrote, “NYC Marathon Day – Pain!” As an a unabashed Rocky fan, all I could think about was Clubber Lang’s prediction in Rocky III…


A few photos from the Run SMART Chicago Post-Marathon Party.

Looking good after 26.2 miles in the heat. Party SMART!

‘The Long Green Line’

I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon this video thanks to a Run SMART fan who posted it on our facebook page. “The Long Green Line” is a cross country running documentary about legendary coach, Joe Newton, and his quest for his 25th Illinois State Title in 50 years. It’s one of the most heart warming stories I’ve seen in a long time and certainly a true tear jerker at times. Coach Newton’s spirit is unrivaled and infectious. I love this man and wish there were more people like him. Once you start watching you can’t stop. He’s the epitome of what all coaches should aspire to when working with younger athletes. Definitely give this film a look…