Science On The Run: Gait Expectations

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Science on the Run
Linking current research to running

 By Nikki Reiter

‘Change your mechanics to be a better runner’ or ‘Your body selects the best way to run.’ You’ve heard both sides of the debate, but is it possible to change your gait, and is it even worthwhile?

Shoes Or No Shoes, Is That Really The Question?

By Nikki Reiter

I’m often encountered with the question of whether it is it better to run barefoot than in shoes. The ‘barefoot movement’ has made a real impact on modern running, flaunting the technical benefits of running in the most ‘natural’ way for our bodies to minimize injury and maximize our performance.

Through both its merits in improving running technique and for its trendiness, barefoot running seems to have made a lasting impression. Running shoe companies have jumped on the bandwagon, manufacturing ‘barefoot shoes’ (could there be a greater oxymoron?) and nearly every running shoe brand has its version of a barefoot or minimalist shoe. Both types of shoes claim to allow you to run more naturally and use less energy because you don’t have to lift the mass of the shoe with every stride.

Introducing Our Resident Biomechanist

We’re extremely excited to welcome Nikki Reiter, our resident biomechanist, to the staff. Nikki will be providing tips on our blog and answering questions leading up to the launch of our new gait analysis service next year. Check out Nikki’s intro below and learn more about how her expertise can help you become a healthier and stronger runner.


By Nikki Reiter

What’s a biomechanist and what can one do for you? Great question! A biomechanist who specializes in running will analyze your gait (that is, how you run) and suggest ways to improve performance and avoid injury by moving in a more efficient way. Oh yeah, and running will be more effortless, too. Sound too good to be true? Well, we are! Just kidding, but biomechanists have a lot to offer when it comes to training, above and beyond the regular tempos, intervals and long runs.