Every Runner Deserves A Coach Like Dan

Run SMART client Owen Kendall was kind enough to share a message about his coach Dan Wilson. Since joining The Run SMART Project this past April Owen has set three new PRs. Yet again, another great addition to our private coaching testimonials page. Thanks Owen!

In April of 2010, my running was stagnating.  I’d been running competitively for about three years and joined a local team in the summer of 2009, but in April I started feeling like I’d hit a plateau and couldn’t figure out how to continue to improve.  My 800 time was sitting in the mid-2:01 range race after race and I was running around 5:30 pace in most races longer than 5 km.  Then I started working with Dan.  Though we haven’t worked together all that long, talking with him and running his workouts have quickly improved my performances.

“Keep Rolling!”

Run SMART client Erin Strout was kind enough to share a message about her coach Mike Smith. Another great addition to our private coaching testimonials page. Thanks Erin!

I came to the Run S.M.A.R.T. Project two years ago as a recreational runner with a bit of a broken spirit. It was my last-ditch effort to rejuvenate a previous passion for the sport, which had been damaged by a series of disappointing experiences that we all periodically go through. I wondered if some coaching could help—I clearly had no idea how much it would.

Thanks, Coach!

Run SMART client Michelle LaSala was kind enough to let us share a truly thoughtful message about her coach, Vince Sherry. And a wonderful addition to our testimonials page it is indeed!

I owe all of my post-collegiate running success and much of my day to day happiness to my coach, Vince Sherry. 

Private Coaching Testimonials

Today, we unveiled a new page on runsmartproject.com – Testimonials. Thanks again to everyone who participated… we’ll be adding more soon. Make sure to check them out, they are a testament to who we are and why our private coaching project is effective. Here’s one of my favorites: