“I Was Hooked When I Heard Coach Jack Daniels Talk”

Run SMART client David Braunstein of Mountain View, CA kindly shared his testimonial for us to post on our site. We approve this message!

“I attended last summer’s Run SMART Retreat and was hooked when I heard Coach Jack Daniels talk about the specific purpose and benefits for every type of training. Brian has helped me to achieve a mile PR, and based on training workouts, I expect there will be more PR’s in upcoming races.  I’m grateful for Brian’s coaching and wouldn’t have pushed myself to do these kinds of workouts on my own. The coaching has been outstanding and highly personalized on subjects ranging from workout strategy and pace to ankle stretches, core, shoes, and recovery diet. Run SMART is a great group of coaches with amazing knowledge and professionalism.”

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“Alicia’s Fund Of Nutritional Knowledge Is Second To None”

We’re very proud to post this testimonial from Meggie Smith of New York, NY. Meggie signed up for a nutrition consultation with Run SMART coach Alicia Shay this past summer and was kind enough to share some thoughts about her experience. It’s a testament to how dedicated Alicia is and how much she cares about her clients.

Alicia Shay is one of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever “virtually” met. Alicia’s fund of nutritional knowledge is second to none. Further, as a medical student, I can vouch that Alicia’s proficiency in physiology and disease mechanisms match that of a medical student…and sometime even surpass that! With Alicia’s help I was able to not only improve my running performance (PRs in the half marathon by 2 min and 10K by 2 min), but also able to achieve sustained energy levels, which is important with my busy lifestyle. Alicia was always encouraging and her recommendations were never overwhelming.

Run SMART Customer Hits Goal Time By The Second In Chicago

Josh Weinrobe signed up for a Jack Daniels’ Training Plan this past June in preparation for the Chicago Marathon. When he signed up his marathon PR was 3:28 and his personalized schedule, based on Jack’s patented formulas, trained him towards a goal of 3:13 (7:22 per mile).

This week Josh emailed us with his results, “Don’t know if this has ever happened in your coaching career, but I nailed your prescribed target time for Chicago to the second. Pretty crazy.  Gotta say, I didn’t think it was possible.  I’m now a true believer in Run SMART Project methodology. I’ll be back for my next race!”

His official time – 3:13:00 (7:22 per mile) on the dot! Doesn’t get better than that. Congrats on the 15-minute PR, Josh!

“I’m Getting Better All The Time”

Run SMART client Scott Mersiowsky signed up for private coaching this past May. He was kind enough to share a testimonial about his experience working with Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi. We’re super excited about his progress!

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying and benefiting from working with Run SMART Coach Rod Koborsi.  After a couple years of injuries, the first from a motorcycle accident and then the next year a stress fracture, I didn’t think that I would ever get back to running well.  After 11 weeks in a boot for the stress fracture, I decided that at age 45 I was going to depend on someone else for my training and try to surpass or at least match my times from my younger years.  Now I have been running and competing since high school so I was a little skeptical as to how much an online coach could really help.

‘Attending The Run SMART Retreat Was Life Changing’

After dropping almost 10 minutes off her 4-mile time, Casey Kovacic wrote one of the best testimonials I’ve ever read about her coach Alicia Shay and how The Run SMART Retreat inspired her to start running. We’ve been granted permission to share her amazing story.

Do you realize how new I was to running when I attended The Run SMART Retreat in the summer of 2009 (I basically started running in April of that year)? As I mentioned at the retreat, my being there was life changing. After I returned home, suddenly, on August 4th, a light went on – I realized I really like running and plan to continue as long as I can.

I signed up to work with Alicia on a nutrition plan in early 2010, and that was a great help because 2010 was a year of much time spent working two jobs and not much time running. Who knows how bad my eating would have been without the plan?! She laid the groundwork for much better nutrition as well as for (finally) getting over my Mountain Dew addiction, although I didn’t kick that habit until 2011 (the habit was long-term – since 1993 I had been drinking the ol’ Dew daily – but only at work).

Run SMART Fountain Of Youth

Hayley Long proves that when legendary coach Jack Daniels is writing your workouts anything is possible. After recently purchasing a Run SMART Training Plan, she wrote…

Thank you for a great “Kick in Butt” track workout today! Nothing like intervals to remind you that it is possible to run like you did in High School at age 43!

“Alicia Has Helped Me Revamp My Nutrition”

The latest addition to our Testimonials page comes from Bernice Brown, who signed up for nutrition consultation with Run SMART coach Alicia Shay:

A couple of months ago I signed up for a nutrition consultation. I am so glad that I did! Alicia has been great and has REALLY helped me revamp my nutrition.  All of her information was so detailed and her recommendations were easy to follow.  Everything from choosing a good vitamin to how to fuel my runs and most importantly how to properly nourish my body in everyday life. I  am very grateful to Alicia Shay for helping me make positive changes to assist in reaching my goals.

“Like A Guardian Angel”

The latest addition to our private coaching testimonials page is from Run SMART client Jane Svehlak, who had some really kind words to share about her coach Alicia Shay:

Alicia has been my very first ‘training’ partner, being there with me everyday the past four months (943 miles away), like a guardian angel on my shoulder during my runs. The oddity of pairing one of the world’s fastest long distance runners with one of the world’s slowest has been a humbling experience for me.  Alicia has given so generously in developing a training & nutrition plan to fit my fitness level and to help me achieve my personal fitness goals. She treated me with the same respect as a top coach would give to an elite athlete.

“A Partnership Built On Trust”

Run SMART client Everett Hill shares some thoughts about his coach Vince Sherry

Courtesy of Vince, I’ve enjoyed a giddy three years of PR after PR as a newbie masters runner. I was initially skeptical about remote coaching (don’t coaches stand at the finish line with a stopwatch?). The secret is that Vince and I have forged a partnership built on trust.