Want Jack’s Calculator On Your Blog?


Introducing the updated Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator now available as an IFrame for anyone to embed directly on their blog/website. Go ahead – it’s live! Enter a recent race performance below to calculate your current VDOT.

Now let your readers use it live right from your site and teach them how to effectively use this great training tool! With hundreds of thousands of users to date we’re excited to give other running blogs an opportunity to teach their readers how to take advantage of 40+ years of physiological data. Grab the code from our calculator page for your site. (Requires min. width of 544px).

What’s Your Interval Pace?

Many coaches use the term “interval” as a catch-all term for different types of workouts that call for periods of faster running separated by easy running. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Daniels’ Running Formula Jack has assigned a very specific meaning and purpose for Interval training. Training at your interval pace is just one of the components on how to train properly for a particular race.

Adjust Your Pace For Higher Temps

One of the most common mistakes we see runners make is running too fast on “easy” days. This happens a lot because of the notion that if it feels easy you must not be training hard enough. And then on days when temps are high most will still try and stick to their pace as much as possible without considering the fact that they’re making the effort much harder than it’s supposed to be. For instance, let’s look at some quick stats:

What effect does 80 degrees have on my easy run effort?
-If you’ve recently run 24:00 for 5k your easy day pace range (65-79% HRMax) should be roughly 9:49-10:23 per mile
-If you’re going out to run on an 80 degree the same effort would be about 18 seconds slower per mile or 10:07-10:39 per mile

Introducing Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator

We are extremely excited to announce the release of the Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator. We’ve been working on this calculator for a very long time and are happy we can finally share this amazing training tool with you. Our goal was to create a mobile web application that is easy to use, has a clean/simple interface and training tools to help everyone improve their running.