“Felt Amazing For All 26.2 Miles”

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Melissa McLane set a new PR at the Steamtown Marathon. Melissa signed up with a PR of 3:50:41, which she ran last year at Steamtown. This year – 3:44:52! Results.

Afterwards Melissa said, “Despite being nervous and feeling unprepared due to not having done a run over 18 miles, I best last years time by 6 minutes and felt AMAZING for all 26.2 miles. People kept telling me how awesome I looked at mile 24 and at the finish.  Maybe I left a little on the course but I am still so happy with my performance. Your training worked magic!”

We always talk about the time improvements our clients make but one consistent theme we’re getting in our feedback is how our clients seem less likely to hit the marathon “wall” late in the race. Many have reported how surprisingly they felt good late in the race and that’s partially a product of not overtraining. Our first priority is getting people to the line injury free, so we take pride in the fact that they’re enjoying the process and feeling good about the experience, not just getting faster. That’s important.

Karin Getz Drops 39 Minutes Off Marathon PR At Steamtown

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Karin Getz set a new PR at the Steamtown Marathon last weekend. Karin entered the race with a PR of 5:43 and her goal time when she signed up for our training plan service was 5:15. We’re excited to announce that she smashed her goal finishing in 5:04:48. Full Results.

After the race Karin sent us a note, “As I have told you before, I am beyond thrilled with your program. During the two years I have worked with you, I have set PR after PR. I have dropped 36 minutes in my half marathon and 39 minutes in just my second marathon. All of the races that I ran this year I PR’d. This plan has everything a runner needs to be successful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and knowledge to be a better runner!”

Stephen Boulet Cracks 4-Hours For First Time

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Stephen Boulet of Palatine, IL set a new PR at the Chicago Marathon this past weekend. Boulet started his plan with a 4:12 marathon PR and a goal time of 4:00. His result:  3:59:04!

After the race Stephen said, “I’m very happy with the strong finish. I ran the last 4 miles at 92% of my max heart rate. I credit the threshold and repetition training with that, an element missing from my training before stumbling across Jack Daniels.”

Mark Harrap Drops 1 Hour And 23 Minutes Off Marathon PR!!!!

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Mark Harrap customized a marathon plan back in April geared towards the Chester Marathon in Chesire, England. His past marathon performances were 5:02 in April of 2008 and 5:28 in April of 2010, yet he listed a goal time of 3:40. Every once in a while we have to adjust expectations and email clients about how much time it’s reasonable to try and drop in 15-18 weeks worth of training. But Mark noted that he had lost 60lbs in the last 18 months and that he was training more seriously lately so we decided to gear the workouts and paces towards 3:40. What the heck!?!? We were inspired.

This past weekend Mark emailed us his results. 3:39! Are you kidding?!?!?! An unheard of 1 hour and 23 minute improvement from his personal best and a drop of 1 hour and 49 minutes off his last marathon 2.5 years ago. Since we started working with runners of all levels back in 2006 none of us have ever seen such a gigantic transformation. Earlier in the day Sean Hutchins had emailed us about his amazing performance dropping 56 minutes off his PR, which was the biggest improvement we had ever gotten, but this takes the cake. Mark’s full results here.

Thanks for letting us share your inspirational story Mark! We’re looking forward to working with you again soon.

Sean Hutchins Drops 56 Minutes Off Marathon PR

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Sean Hutchins of Atlanta, GA set a new PR at the Chicago Marathon this past weekend. Hutchins started his plan with a 4:20 marathon PR and an ambitious goal time of 3:20. With the “World’s Best Running Coach” at the helm and some nice running weather anything is possible though. Sean emailed us after the race with some incredible news…
Very happy with my results. Finished in 3:24 which is a PR of about an hour. I went out pretty slow for the first half and negative split every 5k for the second half bringing my pace down to the assigned goal pace (7:25) for most of it. I’m sure I could have hit my assigned pace sooner but past marathon experiences made me a bit gun shy.

Danny Tateo Wins Age Group At Armonk 5k

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Danny Tateo won his age group at the Armonk 5k and finished 2nd place overall. The 47-year-old from Armonk, NY finished in 17:42 on a very hilly course. [Results]

Afterwards, Danny said, “Thanks for getting me in such great shape. When it came time to toe the line I was full of confidence.”

Ian Henman Wins Maritime Race Weekend 10K

Run SMART client Ian Henman, of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, got the win and a new PR at the Maritime Race Weekend 10k. Ian’s official time was 35:53. His previous PR of 36:15 was set last year. When he signed up for his Jack Daniels Training Plan 12 weeks ago he set a goal time of 35:50!

After the race Ian sent us a quick note, “Great service! I’ll be back next season for more without question!”

Karin Getz Sets Second Straight Half Marathon PR

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Karin Getz set her second PR in a row at the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Half Marathon in Wilkes Barre, PA. Back in May we linked to Karin’s first PR with Run SMART at the Delaware Half Marathon where she dropped 10-minutes off her best time. While following a plan geared towards the Steamtown Marathon Karin managed to drop another 5-minutes off her best to finish in 2:19.

Good luck at Steamtown in October, Karin! You’re well on track to reach your goal!!

Aaron Kravitz Goes 2-For-2

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Aaron Kravitz is now getting ready to start his third training plan in about a year. Why not? When you set new personal bests while following the first two you bought you go for the ‘turkey’!

Last year Aaron signed up with a goal to break 4-hours at the New York City Marathon. He ended up running 3:47! Recently, at the San Francisco Half he set a new PR clocking in at 1:45. Although his PR was 1:47, his goal time was to break 2-hours because of all the hills. On a flat course that could translate up to 5-8 minutes faster. Next up the Big Sur Half in November for the ‘turkey’! Fitting that it’s just a week before Thanksgiving.

One Year, One Mile, One Minute

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Sarah Claire Ahlers set a new PR in her first race on the schedule! While following her 5k schedule she raced a road mile last week and finished in 6:30. This was almost a one minute improvement from her 7:28 performance on the track last year!

“I ran without a watch and when I got close enough for the clock to come into focus I could barely believe it,” said Sarah.  “Oh Boy, my lungs!  Do they always feel raw like that when you run hard?  Anyway, I’m thrilled!”

The best part of our training plan service is seeing how Jack’s training inspires runners of all levels by getting them to a level they never imagined themselves reaching. To put Sarah’s accomplishment into perspective it’s like going from a 4:05 marathoner to a sub-3:30 marathoner in one year. Boom. She’s a completely different runner now.