Yes Sir. Big Sur!

If you’re setting a PR at Big Sur you know things are clicking. The course is very challenging because of its rolling hills and wind along the ocean. It’s possibly the most scenic course in the country, but it’s definitely not a place you go to set a new PR.

We’re excited to report that Jack Daniels Training Plan customer, Andres Moreno of Abilene, TX, beat his previous personal best by over 5 minutes. He finished in 3:23:36. [Full results]

“Actually, I Felt Too Good”

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer, Brian Beerman of Pittsburgh, PA, after completing his 33rd marathon in the last 15 years:

“I felt great and am really happy with how the race went. Actually, I felt too good. I felt like I had 30 miles left in me when I finished and I feel fine and not as sore as I usually am.”

Unlike many, when you take a scientific approach towards training you don’t have to trash your body while preparing for and running a marathon.

“Now I See The ‘Madness’ In The Method”

Jack Daniels’ Training Plan customer Bradley Baker set a new PR at the Fool’s Dual Half Marathon in Cape Ann, MA. Baker started the plan with a 2:07 PR set back in 2012 and set out to break 2 hours after turning 60 during his training. On a very difficult and hilly course he still managed to PR and crack the 2-hr barrier with a time of 1:59:37. [Full results] He was 5th overall in his age group.

After the race Baker commented, “I felt really strong the whole way and felt like I was not just running up the hills but attacking them. I had gas in the tank at the end as the last 1 1/2 mile I was almost sprinting. Now I see the ‘madness’ in the method.”

Eliot Liebowitz Sets New PR At Runners Marathon Of Reston

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Eliot Liebowitz broke his 3.5-year-old personal best at the Runners Marathon Of Reston last weekend. Eliot customized his plan to hit 4:09 and he finished in 4:08:47! I guess the Daniels’ Running Formulas work! 😉 [Full results]

Our favorite part of Eliot’s feedback was not the fact that he hit his goal but how he described his recovery after the race. “My legs felt great afterward, with only the slightest tinge of soreness. Even after driving home for 5 hours, I felt fine getting out of the car, which surprised me. This morning, all I feel is a slight soreness in my quads. I have never felt so “normal” after any of my previous 9 marathons.”

Kristin Garcia Gets One Plan, Three New PRs

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Kristin Garcia of Fort Worth, TX set three new PRs while following her 15-week half marathon plan. In her goal race, the Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, she finished in an impressive 1:25:42, nearly a minute and a half faster than her previous best set back in 2008! [Full results] Along the way she also PR’d in the 5k and 10k running 19:27 and 39:18.

Jacek Mrukowicz Sets Second PR In Two Weeks

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Jacek Mrukowicz set PRs in back to back weeks while following his marathon training plan. Last week he ran 40:41 in the Maniack 10k, almost two minutes faster than his previous best. This past weekend he ran the Warsaw Half Marathon 1:28:20, almost four minutes faster than his previous best and just ahead of what his plan had him scheduled to finish in.

With less than five weeks to go he’s well on pace to set a huge PR at the Cracovia Marathon. Good luck, Jacek!

Kelly Paul Goes 3-for-3

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Kelly Paul of Fairfax, VA earned her second marathon PR in two months at the Rock ‘N’ Roll USA Marathon in Washington D.C. Kelly set an 8-minute PR at Disney this past December but afterwards said, “I know I should have been thrilled, but after using your training program I knew I was physically capable of doing better.”

Determined, Kelly decided to capitalize on her new fitness. In February, she dropped 8.5 minutes off her half marathon PR and then this past weekend in D.C. she got what she was looking for – another 13 minutes and 39 seconds off her marathon time! She finished in 4:34:44. [Full results]

Jason Baird Sets New PR At Cowtown Half Marathon

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Jason Baird set a new PR at the Cowtown Half Marathon in Ft. Worth, TX last weekend. Jason came into the race with a PR of 1:32:24 and finished in 1:25:08 [Full results]. He’s currently following a marathon plan from Jack customized towards the San Diego Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon and a goal time of 2:55. This performance has him right on track to reach his goal by the end of the plan!

Antoni Baltar Sets Second Half Marathon PR In Two Weeks

Jack Daniels Training Plan user Antoni Baltar of Barcelona, Spain set his second half marathon PR in just two weeks! After adjusting his training to accomodate a sore left calf, Antoni surprised us by running 1:25:57, 1 minute and 10 seconds faster than his previous best. He’s now right on track to reach his goal of breaking 3 hours in the Barcelona Marathon next month.

Antoni gave us a glimpse into his mental state during the race along with a nice lesson from his father-in-law in how the injury actually may have helped him PR…

10 km: 40:32 ( it would have been one of my best 10km historic  times, by the way). I started very explosive, 3:54 the first km, and had to “put on the brake” 15 km: 1:01:05 . “Well, if I have to abandon after this, it has been a nice and valid test. But let’s try to finish. Now both calves hurt, so yo have no excuse ;-)” 20 km: 1:21:40 “hey, not only I am breaking my PR. I can finish under 1:26!” Finish Line: 1:25:57  J

 My father in law, elite middle and short distance runner in his youth, told me after the race: “Your calf has been the key. You say you have been thinking ALL THE TIME in your calf trouble, being concerned about it. This way you have freed your mind of any other worry or pressure”

Rosemary Lather Overcomes Big Obstacles To Set New PR

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Rosemary Lather of Columbia, MD overcame some very unlucky and ill-timed obstacles to set a new PR at the Austin Half Marathon this past weekend. Rosemary first suffered a hairline fracture in her fibula while moving furniture (ouch!), which caused her to pause and then resume training. After getting started again she had a bout with the flu but still managed to drop over two and a half minutes off her previous best time!

Rosemary finished in 1:53:20 (8:39 per mile). [Full results] #Determination! Now, what the heck can she run without moving furniture or a pesky flu bug creeping around?