Caroline Curvan Shaves 35 Minutes Off NYC Marathon Best

Big congrats to Caroline Curvan for her performance at the New York City Marathon. Caroline bought a Jack Daniels’ Training Plan earlier this year and just wrote us about her results.

Just wanted to let you know that I completed the NYC marathon last weekend.  While I didn’t make my goal of 3:59, I did shave 6 minutes off my last marathon PR (and 35 minutes off my last NYC time,) for a 4:05.

I really liked following your plan (although I did make some adjustments which I now see why I shouldn’t have:)

Richard Garcia Sets New Half Marathon PR Despite High Temps

Despite temperatures near 80 degrees, Run SMART client Richard Garcia managed to set a new half marathon PR in San Antonio last weekend. Richard finished 3rd in his age group in 1:19:22, a new personal best by over two minutes (Full Results).

Richard purchased a 15-week marathon training plan with a goal of running 2:50 so he’s well on track to reach his goal at the Dallas White Rock Marathon on December 4th.

Good luck, Richard!

Run SMART Customer Hits Goal Time By The Second In Chicago

Josh Weinrobe signed up for a Jack Daniels’ Training Plan this past June in preparation for the Chicago Marathon. When he signed up his marathon PR was 3:28 and his personalized schedule, based on Jack’s patented formulas, trained him towards a goal of 3:13 (7:22 per mile).

This week Josh emailed us with his results, “Don’t know if this has ever happened in your coaching career, but I nailed your prescribed target time for Chicago to the second. Pretty crazy.  Gotta say, I didn’t think it was possible.  I’m now a true believer in Run SMART Project methodology. I’ll be back for my next race!”

His official time – 3:13:00 (7:22 per mile) on the dot! Doesn’t get better than that. Congrats on the 15-minute PR, Josh!

Tim Hodges Drops Marathon Time By 26 Minutes!

Tim Hodges purchased an 18-Week Jack Daniels’ Training Plan this past July with a lofty goal of 3:10 for the marathon, considering his PR was 3:37. But when Jack’s training you clearly anything is possible. Tim just dropped us a note that he improved by 26 MINUTES finishing in 3:11:44 at the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, OH. (Full results) He was 74th overall and 17th in his age division.

It’s incredible to see this much improvement in one race at this level of performance. What’s next, Tim? Sub-3 hours?

Hayley Long Wins Julie Diener 5k, Sets New PR

Hayley Long purchased a Jack Daniels’ 5k Training Plan from Run SMART about two months ago and already she’s set a new lifetime best running 21:00 to win the Julie Diener 5k in Rainbow City, AL. (Full results)

Hayley has two months to go until her goal race, the Gamecock Gallop and then on to her major goal of breaking the Alabama state record for her age group (40-44) by January of next year. We’re excited to help her get there!

Sumner Smith Sets New 5K PR

When Sumner Smith bought a 5k training plan about 10 weeks ago her 5K PR was 21:30 set back in 2004. This past weekend at the Firecracker 5K in Asheville she dropped over a minute off her personal best of seven years running 20:26! She was 2nd female overall and noted afterward the woman she outkicked for 2nd had beaten her by over 20 seconds in a 5k several weeks ago.

Upon reporting her results to the Run SMART team, Sumner said, “just want to tell you one more time how happy I am with this training plan.  In addition to running faster than I ever have, I think this is also the longest period of injury-free running I’ve ever had.”

High School Summer Cross Country Training Plans

Starting today The Run SMART Project is offering 8-week Summer Training Schedules customized for high school athletes of all levels. We asked legendary coach Jack Daniels to specifically design what a proper summer program should look like for a runner preparing for their upcoming fall cross country season. Jack writes the workouts and then we personalize the plans so every pace of every workout is designed to help you reach your goals.

Plans are $35 and include email support along the way. For more information, check out The Run SMART Training Plans.

Run SMART Client First Time Under 2 Hours

Run SMART Training Plan customer Sarah Claire Ahlers set a new PR at the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon.

I PR’d! 1:57:30.  My first half marathon under 2 hours. My previous was 2:04 and my best at past Garry Bjorklund’s had been 2:10.  Thanks for all your help!  I’ll be signing up for the marathon plan next week.


Run SMART Fountain Of Youth

Hayley Long proves that when legendary coach Jack Daniels is writing your workouts anything is possible. After recently purchasing a Run SMART Training Plan, she wrote…

Thank you for a great “Kick in Butt” track workout today! Nothing like intervals to remind you that it is possible to run like you did in High School at age 43!

I Run Under The Influence Of Jack Daniels

By Brian Rosetti

I’m currently following a 5k Training Plan, courtesy of Coach Jack Daniels, the legend himself. That’s right! I’m not only the president, I’m a client too. Now, anyone can run under the influence of Jack unlike ever before. Check out our brand new Training Plans for 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances.

Jack literally writes your schedule and then we personalize it to match your running profile so every pace of every workout is exactly what it should be to reach your goals. Having this type of personalization is hard to find without hiring a private coach, not to mention the genius behind the schedule will never be matched.