The Runs Keep Getting Better

Yesterday’s run on A1 Mountain Road at the Run SMART Retreat. Guests split up into 3, 6, 9 and 12 mile groups.

Today’s run on Sunset Trail…

Tomorrow it gets even better with a once-in-a-lifetime run along the rim of the Grand Canyon.

2011 Run SMART Retreat Kicks Off

We’re off to a great start at the Third Annual Run SMART Retreat. We have 22 guests this year (most ever) from all over the country and Canada!

On Day 1 we had our opening night kickoff dinner. If you were a guest, upon arrival, you were greeted by a whole bunch of swag, courtesy of our sponsor Saucony, along with a welcome packet, which included other supplemental info and a 25% off discount from!

‘Attending The Run SMART Retreat Was Life Changing’

After dropping almost 10 minutes off her 4-mile time, Casey Kovacic wrote one of the best testimonials I’ve ever read about her coach Alicia Shay and how The Run SMART Retreat inspired her to start running. We’ve been granted permission to share her amazing story.

Do you realize how new I was to running when I attended The Run SMART Retreat in the summer of 2009 (I basically started running in April of that year)? As I mentioned at the retreat, my being there was life changing. After I returned home, suddenly, on August 4th, a light went on – I realized I really like running and plan to continue as long as I can.

I signed up to work with Alicia on a nutrition plan in early 2010, and that was a great help because 2010 was a year of much time spent working two jobs and not much time running. Who knows how bad my eating would have been without the plan?! She laid the groundwork for much better nutrition as well as for (finally) getting over my Mountain Dew addiction, although I didn’t kick that habit until 2011 (the habit was long-term – since 1993 I had been drinking the ol’ Dew daily – but only at work).

Run SMART Retreat Featured In Well And Good NYC

Our media coverage page is growing fast as of late. This morning Well and Good NYC wrote about the Run SMART Retreat in their Great Escapes section. Check it out…July 1st is the deadline to sign-up and we’ve already capped it and opened up a few more spots so move fast if you’re thinking about joining us this year!

Runners get their own retreat

Attendees range from absolute beginners to marathoners, all of whom choose their own pace and distance. Afternoons feature guest speakers (like famed running coach Jack Daniels and Olympian Magdalena Lewy Boulet) and clinics on issues like gait analysis. And they take the retreat aspect seriously. Ample time is left for sightseeing and relaxation in the mountains, and group dinners are a nightly social affair.

Registration Now Open For 2011 Run SMART Retreat

The date is set! July 24th-30th in Flagstaff, AZ. Saucony is in. Olympian Magdalena Lewy Boulet is in. Jack Daniels is in. What about you?

Our running retreat gives runners of all levels the chance to run on the scenic running trails of Northern Arizona, receive instruction from some of the top coaches in the country and learn more about the various ingredients to running success. It’s a six-day “running vacation” essentially that seeks to develop the complete runner, focusing on nutrition, injury prevention, combined with sightseeing, some hiking in the Grand Canyon and a little restorative yoga to please both mind and body.

2010 Run SMART Retreat Highlights (Day Four)

Day four of the retreat kicked off with a morning hike into the Grand Canyon. We got lucky this year with temps in the 80’s! Here are some awe-inspiring shots as we made our decent. Being inside the Canyon offers you a whole new appreciation of one of the most incredible sites in the world.

After a challenging hike in the morning the group got to relax towards the end of the week during restorative yoga.