Active Release Technique (ART) And Running Injuries

I just stumbled upon an interview I did back in 2007 with Dr. Marc Bochner, who is board certified in sports injuries and Active Release Techniques (ART). It got lost in the shuffle when we transferred the blog over from Blogger to WordPress. I’m very happy to share it because we’re big proponents of ART but it also provides great insight into how to comprehensively prevent and treat running injuries.

Dr. Jack Daniels On Running Economy (VIDEO)

The second edition of our Ask Dr. Jack Daniels series focuses on running economy. Today we’re posting Jack’s response to a question submitted by Greg Rosetti: “Who is the most efficient runner you’ve ever tested?”

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Dr. Jack Daniels On Barefoot Running (VIDEO)

Not too long ago we launched Ask Dr. Jack Daniels. Today, we’re posting Jack’s response to our first question submitted by New York Running Co, “What’s your opinion on barefoot running?”  Watch Jack respond below…

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Mike Smith Interviewed By Runner’s World

Check out Run SMART coach Mike Smith’s interview on


Michael Smith’s debut in trail racing has landed him some big wins already, and we predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of Smith on the top of the podium.

We first noticed 29-year-old Michael Smith from Flagstaff, Ariz., as he and his partner Robert Krar obliterated the competition at this summer’s multi-day TransRockies Run, which was no easy feat. He then got our attention when he won the high-altitude Soulstice Mountain Trail Run. And we just couldn’t ignore him when he won the three-day TrailRun WorldMasters race in Germany in November. So we had to ask:

Interview With Run SMART Coach Mike Smith

Run SMART coach Mike Smith dishes on everything from his recent trail racing success, what keeps him sane while training, capri tights in Germany, the new Pearl Jam album and much more…
Run SMART: You recently won the TransRockies Run in Colorado and now the Windstoppers Trailrun in Dortmund, Germany. Is trail running your new focus and did your training change significantly to prepare for these races?

Mike Smith: I would say that trail running is something I am curious about and exploring right now. It’s been so much fun thus far and right now that’s the name of the game for me. If I can be competitive, keep it fun, and give the training the time is needs then I think I imagine I’ll keep pursuing it. It feels like a rebirth of sorts for my running, so much of it for so many years was in this certain box, and this feels so outside that box. It feels like growth vs staying stagnant and unsatisfied.

Interview With Run S.M.A.R.T. Coach Blake Boldon

Blake Boldon is currently training in Colorado Springs, CO and racing professionally across the country. Recently, he joined The Run S.M.A.R.T. Project Coaching Staff bringing a broad range of coaching and personal experience to the table. We got a chance the other day to ask him a few questions and gain some insight as to how he juggles both roles.

Run SMART: Two weeks ago you finished 6th in the 3k at the U.S. Indoor Championships up in Boston, MA. What was your approach mentally going in and were you satisfied with the result? Also, how does this race fit into your gameplan for the year?

Blake Boldon: It was my first 3k since last year’s championships and it was my first time on a 200 meter track since that race too.  Going in I knew that I wasn’t as race sharp as some other guys might be but I’ve put in a huge block of quality training and I know my fitness is good.

Coach Jack Daniels On The Importance of Setting Goals has been doing a series of interviews with coach Jack Daniels called Thirsty Thursdays. Each interview covers a different facet of training and racing so I encourage everyone to check the videos out at Flotrack. Here’s the latest, which covers the importance of having purpose in your training and the idea that all runners should have an individualized approach.