Run SMART Rebranded

Scientific Approach

Last year our team began the arduous process of developing a custom login training app – VDOT O2 – which is also the new platform for our online coaching services. During that process we dug deep and decided it was time to rebrand. Today, we are thrilled to finally share the latest updates with you.

A Fresh New Look
We’re bringing in the new year with a sleek new look thanks to the almighty Sascha Mombartz! We apologize to any longtime Run SMART fans now suffering from whiplash upon seeing the new homepage! It’s a big change but what we’re attempting to do is quite the undertaking.

Scranton Half Training Partnership

logo_scrantonhalf (1)

On April 6th, the 1st Inaugural Scranton Half Marathon will take place and it looks like they’re quickly approaching their race cap of 2500 runners. It’s a great course that tours the old scrappy mining town and finishes along the scenic Lackawanna River Heritage Trail. As the race says, “we’re going over the river and through the woods, literally,” and we’re excited to have the responsibility of getting runners there with our new training partnership agreement.

All participants can now customize a 12-week training plan designed by legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels on our new VDOT O2 training app. 10% of each plan sold will be donated to future development and expansion of the river trail which is transforming Northeastern PA and helping to promote a more active/outdoors lifestyle.

For more information on the plans visit:

Winter Running Advice Featured On Well And Good


Our Winter Training Program with Finish Line PT was recently featured in Well and Good NY! Founder Brian Rosetti dropped some timely winter weather running tips as well!

Here’s the top 5…with more info about each over at Well and Good.

  1. Wear the right shoes #softrubber #widertread
  2. Run by time, not distance
  3. Run against wind first on out and back courses
  4. Don’t lose quality, take advantage of “dread”mill
  5. Say no to cotton!

Running Under The Influence In New York


We’re very excited to announce an exclusive fall marathon training partnership with the New York Flyers, the largest running club in NYC. Each member of the program will get to customize an 18-week training plan, designed by legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels, through our brand new training application (launching soon).

Preparing For Your Best High School Season Yet

We are super excited to be launching the 1st Annual Run SMART High School Running Camp in Steamboat Springs, CO (August 4th-10th). Steamboat is famous for it’s winter skiing and the many youth winter sports champions that arise, but soon enough for high school athletes conquering it’s mountain trails in the summer too.

Why A High School Camp?
We’re now entering our 5th year of the Run SMART Adult Running Retreats and felt it was time to provide an opportunity for youth athletes to work with us in-person too. Run SMART coaches are uniquely suited to mentor high school athletes. We’re all recent high school, college and post-collegiate standouts and each have had lots of success coaching high school athletes privately. We’ll be offering opportunities for coaches and athletes to consult about season preparation and race strategies.

Alvina Begay Joins Run SMART Coaching Staff

We’re extremely excited to announce that world-class Nike athlete, Alvina Begay, is our latest addition to the Run SMART staff. She is now accepting private clients.

“I am very excited to work with The Run SMART Project. I have become friends with Dr. Jack Daniels and most of the Run SMART coaches. I have seen them exude their passion for running by helping other runners succeed and reach their goals. Being a Run SMART coach will give me the opportunity to do the same and share my knowledge of running and nutrition with runners who are motivated to reach their potential.”

Luck Of The Draw, Autobiography By Dr. Jack Daniels

The long awaited autobiography of one of the greatest and most meaningful coaches our sport will ever know is here. Luck of the Draw is a “unique glimpse into the life and persona of an Olympic medalist, world-renowned exercise scientist, and a devoted family man.”

We just got our copies in the mail yesterday. If you know Jack or have been lucky enough to be around him at some point in your life you know there’s no shortage of stories. This man has lived a thousand lives and we’re lucky he’s dedicated most of it to teaching people how to enjoy running through proper training. 

Introducing Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator

We are extremely excited to announce the release of the Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator. We’ve been working on this calculator for a very long time and are happy we can finally share this amazing training tool with you. Our goal was to create a mobile web application that is easy to use, has a clean/simple interface and training tools to help everyone improve their running.

Start Customizing Your Boston Marathon Training

We’ve got brand new training plans recently created by legendary coach Jack Daniels. He designed them specifically to prepare you for the rolling hills of Boston. They have never been released before and are only available through Run SMART. On these plans Jack tells you which workouts you should be doing on uphills, downhills and rolling hills to be ready for Boston’s course.

Start customizing your Boston plan today.