Last Minute NYC Marathon Tips

Run SMART coach Brian Rosetti offered up some important last minute marathon tips for the New York City Marathon at Proper rest, nutrition, warm-up, settling nerves, etc. were just some of the topics covered.

Rest. “There’s nothing you can do at this point to improve your fitness in time for the race. At this stage, you can only hurt yourself by doing too much,” said Brian Rosetti, an Upper West Sider who founded of The Run SMART Project, a coaching service for runners.

Take a few days off completely this week, said Rosetti, and limit your running to a two or three mile run at your goal pace or a little faster on Tuesday or Wednesday.

You can read the full article of tips here.

Mike Smith Featured In Running Times Article On Trail Running

Run SMART coach Mike Smith talks about transitioning to trail running and offers some great advice.

Smith, who coaches for the Jack Daniels-inspired Run S.M.A.R.T. Project, stresses the importance of practicing these pace changes.

“If I were training a road runner for a road race, I’d want them to become very comfortable at race pace. We’d practice until they could take a nap at race pace. But on the trails, this rhythm running won’t work. A trail runner must be very good at changing gears. They have to be used to running at a maximal effort but changing their pace significantly during the race.”

Check out the full article over at

Run SMART Kids Featured In Youth Runner Magazine

We’re excited about our mention in Youth Runner Magazine announcing the launch of Run SMART Kids in New York City.

The Run SMART Project has launched Run SMART Kids, a youth running program for 4th, 5th and 6th graders of all athletic levels. The Run SMART Project aims to promote health and fitness by teaching kids how to properly train for a race.

Run SMART Retreat Featured In Well And Good NYC

Our media coverage page is growing fast as of late. This morning Well and Good NYC wrote about the Run SMART Retreat in their Great Escapes section. Check it out…July 1st is the deadline to sign-up and we’ve already capped it and opened up a few more spots so move fast if you’re thinking about joining us this year!

Runners get their own retreat

Attendees range from absolute beginners to marathoners, all of whom choose their own pace and distance. Afternoons feature guest speakers (like famed running coach Jack Daniels and Olympian Magdalena Lewy Boulet) and clinics on issues like gait analysis. And they take the retreat aspect seriously. Ample time is left for sightseeing and relaxation in the mountains, and group dinners are a nightly social affair.

Jack Talks About Run SMART On Flotrack

Jack talks about private coaching opportunities through during Season 6 of Saucony Thirsty Thursdays with Jack Daniels.

Watch more video of Jack Daniels on

Jack’s top two reasons as to why we’ve had so much success with our clients:

  1. We’re careful about not overtraining clients
  2. We’re able to identify proper training paces for runners of all levels through his patented vdot formulas

If you haven’t checked out Thirsty Thursdays head over to to watch all the episodes. They’ve done an amazing job with this series.

Stepping Into Minimalist Shoes Responsibly

With the new trend towards minimalist footwear, it’s important runners have access to information not only about the benefits of minimalism but more importantly how to incorporate it safely into their running routine.

Saucony has taken this message to heart with their recent Step Into Minimalism events in Boston and NYC. Run SMART was fortunate enough to be apart of this worthy campaign by offering gait analysis and coaching tips on how to safely transition into minimalist shoes.

Jack Daniels Visits Runner’s World

This past Monday Jack visited with the editors at Runner’s World and then gave a talk to the Lehigh Valley Running Community. I was fortunate enough to tag along for the day. Runner’s World editor at large, Amby Burfoot, made a great attempt to try and summarize some of the key takeaways after spending the day with Jack.