Science on the Run: Whip Those Glutes Into Shape!


Image credit Colorado Physical Therapy Specialists (Medial Heel Whip)

Linking current research to running

By Nikki Reiter

Glute weakness is often considered one of the main culprits of running injuries. Run too much without the muscular support of the pelvis and core, and BAM! – IT band issues, patellofemoral pain, shin splints, foot pain, etc. Statistically, it has probably happened to each of us at some point in our running careers.

How do you know if you have weak glutes? Chances are if you are a member of today’s society, you are affected to some degree. Prolonged sitting is typically credited with being the reason. How do you know if your glutes are really weak? Well, one gait pattern you can look at is how your foot moves from behind your body at push-off, or whether you experience ‘heel whip.’

Emily Mulhern Wins Emerging Elite 2-Mile At NB Nationals

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Fresh off her Maryland indoor state record in the mile, Emily Mulhern continued her hot streak this winter with a win and dominating performance in the 2-Mile Emerging Elite division at New Balance Nationals. Her victory in 10:54 was a 17-second PR. [Full results]

You can watch the full video of Emily’s race here and her post-race interview here all on Congrats to Emily and her Run SMART coach Alicia Shay for all the recent progress.

Antony Scott Is On A Mission For Sub-3


Antony Scott of Anchorage, AK set a new personal best at the Napa Valley Marathon after following one of our custom training plans. Scott’s time of 3:07:36 placed him 3rd in the 50-54 age group. [Full results]

Scott has recently connected with Run SMART coach Janet Bawcom to try and take things to the next level. His ultimate goal is a sub-3 hour performance.

Science on the Run: Running Shoes And The Law Of Diminishing Returns


Linking current research to running

By Nikki Reiter

Every once and a while, a wonderful little thing happens. A researcher decides to do a systematic review of a topic and then presents their findings in a paper. I get a little excited when the topic pertains to running.

Recently, a team of researchers reviewed how footwear could affect running performance and economy. Since running economy (RE) is a commonly accepted way to discuss distance running performance, it would be great to know the general consensus amongst publications about the effect of footwear selection on running performance and RE.

Running While Breastfeeding: Helpful Tips For Competitive Mamas

293005_10151456813997638_1664276025_nBy Heidi Peoples

Recently, running mothers have gained attention because of elites like Kara Goucher, Paula Radcliffe, and Deena Kastor. Goucher has written several articles on how she balances running and motherhood as an elite athlete. However, none of these women mention or discuss the challenges of breastfeeding while trying to maintain a rigorous training/racing routine.

New Training Plan Options Available

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We’re excited to announce two new training plan products available on the VDOT O2 Training Calendar.

1. 3k Training – 12 Weeks – $55

Many high school athletes/coaches and masters runners have already started customizing Jack’s 3k/3200m plans for the upcoming outdoor track season. Sample week of training:

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 5.48.33 PM

2. Half Marathon – 12 Weeks – $55

Science on the Run: If it Feels Good, Wear It!


Image courtesy of The Athlete’s Foot Australia

Linking current research to running

By Nikki Reiter

I have often held the belief that you will run your best in the shoe that feels most comfortable on your foot. I used to work in a specialty running store and, anecdotally, I was proven correct by observing that customers selected the shoe they think feels best – and that trying to force oneself into a shoe that was not quite ‘right’ never prevailed. To my amusement, this hypothesis was confirmed nearly five years ago when at a conference I asked world-renowned biomechanist and shoe expert, Dr. Benno Nigg, how to select a running shoe. His response was concurrent with the concept of choosing the shoe that is most comfortable.