Becoming Mentally Strong Through Your ABCs

By Malindi Elmore

I am currently coaching a young runner who is very motivated to run fast this spring, but with her goals comes anxiety, doubt and concerns about her ability. We all know that physical preparation is only part of performing and that much of it comes down to our mental fortitude; but the body is often much easier to train than the mind. Pressure to stay motivated and focused on goals is a good thing; however, fear, dread, anxiety, etc. get in the way of top performances and therefore needs to be addressed.  

Science On The Run: Explaining the Kenyan Advantage In A Moment (Arm)


Image by Huei-Ming Chai, National Taiwan University School of Physical Therapy

Linking current research to running

By Nikki Reiter

It is believed that at the highest level of running performance, running economy is the most crucial factor dictating performance. So, who better than a homogenous sample of some of the best distance runners in the world to challenge this idea? An international team of researchers published an article in the January issue of Journal of Sports Sciences, investigating the relationship between running economy and running performance in elite Kenyan distance runners. [PubMed abstract]

VDOT Running Calculator Countdown: Testing Athletes


Jack testing athletes in Tahoe in preparation for the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

We’re counting down to the first release of the VDOT Running Calculator on Android and want to recognize how it evolved into our upcoming mobile technology.

It all began with testing done on athletes in the 60’s that helped produce the world renown VDOT formulas. Today, thousands of runners  across the world have utilized this research to become faster/stronger runners.

Presenting A New Distance Coaching Clinic And Certification


The Run SMART Project presents the first ever VDOT O2 Coaching Clinic and Certification by Dr. Jack Daniels. This year’s special event will also feature coaching legend Frank Gagliano, aka “Gags”. Running coaches of all levels and stripes (high school, college, club, charity, private) are welcome to join us on Sat, March 21st in New York City.

As part of this coaching seminar each coach will have the opportunity to earn their VDOT Running Coach certification by passing Dr. Daniels’ online exam following the clinic. Each guest will have up to three months to study the material covered by Dr. Daniels and can review Daniels’ Running Formula before taking the test. Pass and get certified by the “World’s Best Running Coach”!

To learn more and register for this event check out:  VDOT O2 Coaching Clinic

Science on the Run: To Sit Or Stand, Is That Really The Question?

Sitting at desk

Image by Mike Licht, courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

Linking current research to running

By Nikki Reiter

We have all heard it, sitting is the new smoking, right? Yes, the stats are alarming for how much time we spend in a sedentary state, but is simply standing enough? Before you rush out to buy your standing desk, consider that ‘be less inactive’ may be a more appropriate message than ‘stand more.’

The Complete Training Package For The Brooklyn Half


Today we launched a new training program for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Our goal was to design a complete training package for the coolest half marathon in the country. To do that we teamed up with our favorite partners in NYC:  Brooklyn Running Co. and Finish Line PT.

The Four Day Rule: Dealing with the Pesky Winter Cold

By Malindi Elmore

It’s going around and I fell victim earlier this week. It is inevitable that at some point we all get a virus. But while a common winter cold does not sound like a big deal, it somehow is more tiring, painful and disruptive to life than I often remember. Since the common cold is not the flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia, I often fail to give it the respect it deserves. Instead of rest, I soldier on, stubbornly sticking to my training plans and life commitments all while feeling miserable and not really benefiting from my “dedication”. And I know I am not alone!

Science on the Run: Milk Better Calves From Your Marathon Training


Science on the Run
Linking current research to running

By Nikki Reiter

Runners have long been admired for their well-sculpted calves, which is perhaps why a group of researchers from James Madison University investigated the effect of marathon training on the calf musculature of recreational runners. All fun aside, they found that running really can modify the architecture of the calf muscle.