It’s All About The Pacing

Thomas Frame of Dallas, TX just started working with Run SMART coach Alicia Shay. After a few quick pointers over the phone regarding pacing he set a new PR in the 5k. Roughly a week later he followed her advice again and dropped another 40 seconds finishing the Form Follows Fitness 5k in 17:50!

Thomas was 2nd Masters runner and 7th place overall [Full results]. We’re excited to see how fast he can get with a little more time working with his new coach!

Nina Zarina Cracks 3-Hr Barrier

Nina Zarina of Moscow, Russia broke 3-hours for the first time at the Tokyo Marathon this past weekend. Nina’s coach Dr. Jack Daniels informed us that this was a 7-minute PR [Result]. We’re excited for Nina who set a goal of sub-3 when she signed up for coaching this past fall.

Congrats to Jack and Nina!

Want Jack’s Calculator On Your Blog?


Introducing the updated Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator now available as an IFrame for anyone to embed directly on their blog/website. Go ahead – it’s live! Enter a recent race performance below to calculate your current VDOT.

Now let your readers use it live right from your site and teach them how to effectively use this great training tool! With hundreds of thousands of users to date we’re excited to give other running blogs an opportunity to teach their readers how to take advantage of 40+ years of physiological data. Grab the code from our calculator page for your site. (Requires min. width of 544px).

“Time To Empty The Tank”

image (2)

Marylee Martucci and her coach Alicia Shay have gotten off to a great start! In just shy of three months Marylee has set three PRs. She snagged a PR at a half in December, the Dubai Marathon three weeks ago and then another Half PR at the RAK last weekend in UAE. Not ideal to race another half marathon just three weeks after her marathon, of course, but there’s only a small window of opportunity for racing around Dubai. If you’re feeling good you’ve got to maximize your opportunities.

Alicia: The thing that I like the most about working with her is that she absolutely love, loves, loves running and is willing to do things that most athletes (even professional runners) won’t take the time to do. She is definitely one dedicated chica. 

Speedwork Treadmill Simulation


One of the great perks of working with a mad exercise scientist like Dr. Jack Daniels is that he has formulas for everything! Running a tempo run up a hill at altitude into the wind on an 85 degree day and want to convert the pace to sea level in ideal conditions on flat terrain? He’s got you covered.

Have a short speed session planned but can’t do it outside because of snow and/or ice then Jack’s got you covered to simulate the workout on a treadmill.

Below is a chart to help to simulate a 400m Rep session on the treadmill using a % grade incline.

Becoming A More Efficient Runner

All Runners Should Want To Be More Efficient
Whether you’re a beginner, competitive, or marathon runner short speedwork, or Reps, as Coach Daniels coins in his book Daniels’ Running Formula, should be a part of everyone’s routine. The purpose of Rep work is to train the body to become a more efficient runner. By running at faster speeds you can actually reduce injuries by improving your mechanics. Eventually this type of running makes your easy runs feel a lot more comfortable and allows you to increase your everyday training paces. It’s also a fun way to break up a monotonous routine of steady runs!

Speedwork Is Not Risky
There’s a common misconception in the running community that speedwork is for more advanced runners and puts you at higher risk of injury.

We’re Going Camping In Steamboat!

We’re back for another year after a successful start to our now annual Run SMART High School Camp in beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO. This year we’ve added Dr. Jack Daniels to our list of featured speakers. All high school coaches who bring 5 athletes or more come free of charge and will have an opportunity to consult with Jack on season preparation/team strategy in our coaches workshop.

For more information check out our camp page.