Luck Of The Draw, Autobiography By Dr. Jack Daniels

The long awaited autobiography of one of the greatest and most meaningful coaches our sport will ever know is here. Luck of the Draw is a “unique glimpse into the life and persona of an Olympic medalist, world-renowned exercise scientist, and a devoted family man.”

We just got our copies in the mail yesterday. If you know Jack or have been lucky enough to be around him at some point in your life you know there’s no shortage of stories. This man has lived a thousand lives and we’re lucky he’s dedicated most of it to teaching people how to enjoy running through proper training. 

Are You Training Harder Than Necessary?

One of Jack’s guiding principles as he says here is to find out “how little can you do and still achieve what you’re trying to achieve.” This is a key part of Jack’s philosophy which puts a huge emphasis on keeping athletes healthy. If the purpose of your workout is to run easy then run at the slowest pace possible where you still get the maximum benefit for the purpose of the workout. That’s why his vdot method is such a great tool for all runners.

Prevent overtraining! Get your training paces now by entering a recent race result on Jack’s new calculator.

How Jack Changed My Life

Olympian Magdalena “Chewy” Lewy Boulet writes about her coach and mentor of 10 years after reading his autobiography, “Luck Of The Draw” available now here.

Jack has influenced, inspired and motivated me for years. The other day while in Flagstaff for my annual altitude trip we went to the gym for a hill session on the treadmill. After my workout and his easy run Jack challenged me to do a pull up using only one finger from each hand. Yep…my coach is a badass for sure! I on the other hand have a hard time doing a pull up using both hands and all ten of my fingers.

Read on about how Jack changed Magdalena’s life. Have a story about Jack? Please share. Email [email protected].

Kelly Paul Sets New PR At Disney Marathon

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Kelly Paul of Fairfax, VA set a new PR at the Disney Marathon. Kelly finished in 4:48:23 under warm conditions. Based on Jack’s calculator temps in the high 60’s slowed her down by roughly four minutes. Her previous PR set back in 2010 was 4:52.

Congrats Kelly!

Rowan Jones Sets Two PRs During Disney Marathon Weekend

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Rowan Jones of Waverly, KY ran the Disney Half Marathon and Disney Marathon on back to back days last weekend. On Saturday Rowan finished the half in 1:28:00, a new PR by 18 minutes! The following day he came back and ran the marathon in 3:12:22, a 37 minute improvement from his previous marathon best. So, the question is, how fast could he have run the marathon in without having run the half the day before?

Will We Ever See A Sub-2-Hour Marathon?

It’s pretty silly now to think back and imagine those who said it was physically impossible to break 4-minutes in the mile. The world-record has gone from:  John Paul Jones (U.S.), 4:14.4 in 1913 to Hicham El Guerrouj (Morocco), 3:43.13 in 1999.

Now the great barrier and debate of our time is the sub-2-hour marathon (4:34 per mile)! Seems ridiculous, right? According to Jack’s calculator the equivalent performance for the almost untouchable 3:43 mile record in the marathon is 2:03:21. Let’s look at the progression of the world-record in the marathon:  Johnny Hayes (U.S.), 2:55 in 1908 to Patrick Makau (Kenya), 2:03:38 in 2011 (4:43 per mile).

Be Aware Of Your Mechanics On Easy Days

Jack makes two great points in this video regarding easy days. #1 Make sure the effort feels easy, don’t be fixated on sticking to a particular pace. #2 Be aware of your mechanics. If you’re running slower than usual but your form is breaking down then you’re putting yourself at high risk of injury.

Rob DeLong Sets New PR Every Time He Races

Run SMART client Rob Delong lowered his half marathon PR for the second time in two months at the Disney Half this past weekend. Delong finished in 1:46:03, a new PR by three minutes and 12 seconds. [Full results] He also managed to set a new 10k PR by 30 seconds in route! Delong has now PR’d in just about every race he’s run since he signed up for coaching back in February of 2012.

“The plan was to average 8:07 pace (1:46:23) so we’re super excited things went according to plan. Anytime you pick up two PRs in one race you’ve got to feel pretty good about your training. Rob is right on track to reach his goal at Boston in April,” said his coach Brian Rosetti.

Alicia Shay Wants To Prepare You For A Race Of A Lifetime

2012 TransRockies RUN3 Champion Alicia Shay is the official coach of the TransRockies Run. Alicia is now offering 18 and 22-week training plans for this year’s RUN3 and RUN6 stage races.

TransRockies events are some of the most organized and scenic races in the world. Preparing for a stage race in the mountains of Colorado is a huge responsibility. The RUN6 covers 120 miles in six days with 20,000 ft. in elevation gain. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Adjust Your Pace For Higher Temps

One of the most common mistakes we see runners make is running too fast on “easy” days. This happens a lot because of the notion that if it feels easy you must not be training hard enough. And then on days when temps are high most will still try and stick to their pace as much as possible without considering the fact that they’re making the effort much harder than it’s supposed to be. For instance, let’s look at some quick stats:

What effect does 80 degrees have on my easy run effort?
-If you’ve recently run 24:00 for 5k your easy day pace range (65-79% HRMax) should be roughly 9:49-10:23 per mile
-If you’re going out to run on an 80 degree the same effort would be about 18 seconds slower per mile or 10:07-10:39 per mile