Melanie Yappen Sets PR At Rocket City Marathon

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Melanie Yappen set a new PR at the Rocket City Marathon this past weekend. Melanie’s PR when she customized her plan was 3:50. She dropped 13 minutes off her best finishing in 3:37:12. [Full results]

Rob DeLong Sets New 15k PR

Run SMART client Rob DeLong has now been officially running road races for over a year. The 35-year-old from New York City ran the same race twice for the first time at the NYRR Ted Corbitt Classic 15k in Central Park this weekend. Last year he ran 1:30:27 (9:42 per mile) and we’re excited to post that he ran 1:13:52 (7:55 per mile) this year with his fastest mile coming at the end – 7:20! [Full results]

“Rob has gotten here through slow and steady progress, he never misses a day of training” said Run SMART coach Brian Rosetti. “Besides the 5th Ave Mile he had only averaged sub-8 in a 5k and 4 mile. This is hugely significant and he’s just in week 2 of his Boston Marathon preparation so I expect to see him get a lot faster soon.”

Bruce Mihalick Sets New PR At Rehoboth Beach Half

Jack Daniels’ Training Plan customer Bruce Mihalick of Washington, DC set a new PR at the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon this past weekend. Bruce came into the race with a PR of 1:45 and finished in 1:39.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive When It Comes To Preventing Injuries, Part 2: Foam Rolling

By Chris Lauretani, PT, MS, CSCS, CKTP

As mentioned in last month’s post, running injuries can affect nearly 50-75% of runners throughout the course of a year. Fortunately, most running injuries are considered “overuse” soft tissue injuries and can be easily prevented and in most cases, cured before they present major problems. By following a comprehensive preventative protocol, including properly warming up (last month’s post), proper soft tissue management, stretching and strength training, your body will thank you later. For runners that love to run and only run, this can be challenging, but it beats spending weeks if not months fighting nagging injuries.


You may have been at the gym recently or glanced across the room during your first therapy session and noticed those cylindrical torture devices called foam rollers. Most people who have never foam rolled hesitate when they think about the activity: will it hurt? I will look stupid! I don’t have time for this, I stretch! ANOTHER thing I need to do before I run!