Third Time’s A Charm

Run SMART client Chad Campbell cracked the 4-hour barrier this past weekend at the Richmond Marathon. When Chad signed up for private coaching this past spring his marathon PR was 4:07 set last May. Since then he had unsuccessfully tried to break 4-hours two times. This past weekend in Richmond Chad got his sub-4 and brand new PR by 10-minutes. [Full results]

After the race Chad thanked his coach Rod Koborsi, “He gave me great instruction and pre race preparation. I can also say the advice he gave me helped me get a negative split as well as a strong last 6.2. Thanks to you guys at Run SMART and especially to Rod for his expert instruction. By the way, it didn’t hurt my confidence when I was looking through the marathon guide just to see that he was one of the previous 8K winners at that race weekend a few years back.”

Another Boston Qualifier

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Janet Williams ran the Richmond Marathon this past weekend. Her goal when she signed up was 3:45, two minutes faster than her best set last year in Chicago. After the race she shared her results,

“I took 5 minutes off of my last marathon in Chicago (3:47:55) and have a new PR. I finished in 3:42:29 so another Boston qualifier for me!”

Congrats, Janet!

‘Since Following Your Training Plan I’ve Set PR’s In Almost Every Distance!’

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer, Tia Stone of Searcy, AZ, set a new PR at the Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Marathon after NYC was canceled. She won the 30-39 age group and finished fourth female overall. [Full results]

After the race Tia showered us with praise which we’re very thankful to share, “Thank you Run S.M.A.R.T.! I started following your marathon training plan in July. Since that time I have set PR’s in almost every distance! My new half marathon time is 1:28 and this past weekend I ran a 3:11 marathon. I will definitely be using Run S.M.A.R.T. again as I train for Boston!”

When Tia customized her plan back in May she had PRs for the half and marathon of 1:32:37 and 3:15:17.

Preparing For The Boston Marathon Course

By Dr. Jack Daniels

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when training for the Boston Marathon. First, overall, the course is a little downhill, but with some definite uphill running along the way.

Second, as with any course, especially during the spring, weather conditions can vary a fair bit. Often there is a breeze coming at you in Boston, since you are running toward the ocean to your East, and ocean breezes often blow inland. Now and then Boston can get a pretty solid tailwind when a weather system is blowing in from the northwest.

Third, and maybe most importantly, the first five miles of the Boston course in downhill and it is easy to put in some faster-than-average mile times in those first five. It is not bad to take advantage of those early downhill miles, but it is usual for your quads to take a beating as a result of downhill running and if you are not used to it, the latter miles at Boston can be a real struggle.

The idea is to take a little advantage of the first five miles (by going a few seconds faster than you plan to average over the entire course), but to realize you will also be losing some time between miles 16 and 22 when there is a fair bit of uphill running to be done.  However, if your legs are used to some downhill running and the early downhills don’t cause a problem later on, the final 3 or 4 miles are also downhill and you can take advantage of those toward the end of the race.

Overall, on a calm and nice day, and with a nice steady effort, the Boston course can allow you to run a little more than a minute faster than a perfectly flat course will allow. The key is to do some training over undulating terrain, including some prolonged gradual downhill running so your legs are used to doing that and will not let you down over the Boston course. Hopefully, the program that we are supplying you with will prepare you for a good performance and one that is not disappointing. Remember that the weather of the day can have major effect on performance so be prepared for whatever is thrown at you. Take advantage of the advantages and minimize the disadvantages that you have to face.

Training for Boston? Customize one of Jack’s Boston Marathon Training Plans, specifically designed to help you prepare for the rolling hills.

Jack Kennedy Sets New PR At Manchester City

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Jack Kennedy, of Simsbury, CT, set a new PR at the Manchester City Marathon this past weekend. Jack was scheduled to run New York City but luckily made a quick switch after it was canceled. It paid off – almost a 5 minute PR on a hilly course! Jack ran almost perfectly even splits throughout finishing in 3:24:03. [Results]

Tricky Tanksley Sets 34 Minute PR, Qualifies For Boston Marathon

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Tricky Tanksley set a new PR at the Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Marathon this past weekend. Tricky was scheduled to run the NYC Marathon but made a last minute switch after it got cancelled. When she signed up for her plan she had run three marathons all over four hours. We were super excited she was able to find a another marathon let alone PR by 34 minutes – on a trail course too!

After the race, Tricky sent us a note, “Thanks to a great training plan set up by Vince Sherry, I was able to qualify for Boston today by running a 3:27:33 marathon!! That’s a PR by 34 mins:)”

Manlio Vecchiet Sets PR At Columbia Gorge Half Marathon

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Manlio Vecchiet of Seattle, WA set a new PR at the Columbia Gorge Half Marathon. Manlio’s PR when he signed up was 1:27:35. On an extremely challenging course with 1,200 ft of elevation gain, he still managed to PR running 1:25:07 for 8th place overall. [Full results] Even more impressive was his pacing job. His split at the halfway mark was 43:05 so he ran slightly faster the last 6.55 miles.

Should They Cancel The New York City Marathon? (POLL)

Mayor Bloomberg and NYRR CEO Mary Wittenberg defend the decision to move forward with the marathon here. NYRR is donating $1 million towards relief efforts. Our friend at Mario Fraioli makes the case on that the “show mustn’t go on.” Right now the debate is trending on Twitter but honestly I can’t find many who are defending the decision to move forward with the race. There’s a Cancel The 2012 NYC Marathon Facebook account which now has 46,000 Likes in a day, almost as many as the marathon’s official Facebook page.

We’d like to know what you think? Take our quick survey below and we’ll publish the results soon. If you want to know what others think add a question to the poll.

Meghan Lockett Runs 18:15 At Age 15

Run SMART client Meghan Lockett set a new road PR this past weekend at the Towson Downtown 5k. The 15-year-old from Dickerson, MD won her age group and finished 10th overall out of almost 400 runners. Her official time was 18:15.1, 5:53 per mile. [Full results]

Meghan works with Run SMART coach Alicia Shay.