Alessandro Arrone Sets 26-Minute PR At Philly Marathon

Run SMART client Alessandro Arrone signed up for private coaching this summer with a lofty goal of running 3:40 at the Philadelphia Marathon. His PR when he started working with Run SMART coach Ann Alyanak was 4:06.

We’re excited to post that Alessandro hit his goal on the dot setting a 26-minute PR. His official time was 3:40:38. [Full results]

Introducing Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator

We are extremely excited to announce the release of the Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator. We’ve been working on this calculator for a very long time and are happy we can finally share this amazing training tool with you. Our goal was to create a mobile web application that is easy to use, has a clean/simple interface and training tools to help everyone improve their running.

Emily Lilja Sets Second PR In Two Months

Run SMART client Emily Lilja of New York, NY set a huge marathon PR in Chicago last month and turned around one month later and improved on her half marathon as well. When Emily signed up for private coaching this past summer her marathon PR was 4:54:38. At Chicago she dropped 26 minutes off her best finishing in 4:28:34. [Full results] Last week at the Philadelphia Half Marathon Emily shaved 5 minutes off her best finishing in 2:07:55.

Emily works with Run SMART coach Ann Alyanak.

Bill Clugston Sets Second PR In Two Months

Run SMART client Bill Clugston set his second PR since signing up for private coaching this past September. Last month he dropped 12 minutes off his 10k best and recently had a 2:42 improvement on his 5k time at the Wobble To Gobble 5k in Auburn, WA.

Bill works with Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples.

David Winfield Cuts 1:16 Off 5k Time

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer David Winfield of El Macero, CA set a new PR this past weekend at the Davis Turkey Trot 5k. Winfield’s personal best before starting his 12-week plan was 26:40 set last November. We’re proud to announce that he smashed his PR and beat his goal of 26 minutes! [Full results]

“The race went well,” said Winfield. “It was a rainy windy day, but I finished in 25:24 and felt pretty good doing it. The 8:12 pace was a little off the target pace, but still a big PR.”

Maria Lauretani Runs 2:52 At Philly Marathon

Run SMART client Maria Lauretani (middle) set a new PR at the Philadelphia Marathon this past weekend. The 38-year old from Pelham, NY ran 2:52:56 to finish first in her age group and 18th overall. [Full results] In only her fourth year of running Maria continues to make great progress. Her PR when she signed up for coaching last December was 2:59:54.

Scheduled to run NYC earlier this month she was able to make a quick adjustment with her Run SMART coach Ann Alyanak. Staying mentally and physically prepared to run her best three weeks later is not an easy task for everyone who knows the difficulty of navigating the right taper and timing your peak just right for a marathon.

“The Plan Rocks, I Haven’t Run Like This For 20 Years”

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Rich Myers of Mesa, AZ had a great race last weekend at the Shun The Sun Skin Cancer Half Marathon. Myers sent us a note afterwards, “I beat my goal time! I ran 1:36:51, 7:24 pace. I placed 24th overall, 20th male, and 7th in age division. The plan rocks, I haven’t run like this for 20 years.”

Rich is well on track to reach his goal of 3:40 at the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in January. The equivalent marathon performance for this half marathon time is about 3:21:40! Keep it rolling Rich!

Who Hits Their Marathon Goal Time On The Dot Three Times In A Row?

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Josh Weinrobe cracked the 3-hour barrier for the first time at the Soldier Marathon in Columbus, GA last weekend. The 42-year old from Atlanta had an amazing day. He set a new PR, hit his goal time on the dot and finished 9th overall in 2:59:42. [Full results]

What’s really amazing is the fact that Josh has now hit his goal time on the dot three marathons in a row while following one of Jack’s customized training plans. He bought his first plan last year for Chicago. His PR was 3:28 when he signed up and he customized his plan to run 3:13. He ran 3:13. Then, this past spring he trained for Eugene and customized a new plan to run 3:01. You guessed it, he ran 3:01. And now, for the third time in a row he hit his goal time (2:59) on the dot!

Josh sent us some feedback after the race, “It’s hard to believe I finished my first marathon just over two years ago in 3:41, qualified for 2013 Boston Marathon in April, and have now gone sub-three hours. I can say unequivocally that there’s no way I would have achieved this without your training guidance. Looking forward to my next SMART plan for Boston (once I take a much needed rest!).”

Start Customizing Your Boston Marathon Training

We’ve got brand new training plans recently created by legendary coach Jack Daniels. He designed them specifically to prepare you for the rolling hills of Boston. They have never been released before and are only available through Run SMART. On these plans Jack tells you which workouts you should be doing on uphills, downhills and rolling hills to be ready for Boston’s course.

Start customizing your Boston plan today.