Michael Neumann Drops The Hammer At Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver

Run SMART client Michael Neumann of Lone Tree, CO set a new PR at the Denver Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon this past weekend. Michael finished in 1:36:01, roughly four minutes faster than his previous best.

Many of our clients have been seeing great results lately when negative splitting their race. Michael did just that and executed it brilliantly. His split at 10k was 46:47 or 7:31 per mile and he ended up averaging 7:19 per mile by the end of the race. That’s coming home fast!

Michael works with Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples.

Cathrine Wolden Wins Age Group At 5th Ave Mile

Run SMART client Cathrine Wolden won the 40-44 age group at the 5th Avenue Mile this past weekend. She finished in 5:19, a 2-second PR from her previous best set last year in the same race.

This is Cathrine’s 10th PR since she started working with Run SMART coach Alicia Shay. Earlier this year she set a new 5k PR and this past December she ran 2:51 at CIM, her current marathon PR, so she’s still getting faster over distances long and short.

Danny Tateo Wins Age Group At Armonk 5k

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Danny Tateo won his age group at the Armonk 5k and finished 2nd place overall. The 47-year-old from Armonk, NY finished in 17:42 on a very hilly course. [Results]

Afterwards, Danny said, “Thanks for getting me in such great shape. When it came time to toe the line I was full of confidence.”

Maria Lauretani Wins Age Group At Philly Half Marathon

Run SMART client Maria Lauretani of Pelham, NY finished first in her age group last weekend at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadephia Half Marathon. She was 30th overall with an official time of 1:21:18. [Results]

Congrats to Maria and her Run SMART coach Ann Alyanak. This was just over a 3 minute PR for Maria and her race strategy was brilliant. She averaged 6:15 per mile for the first 10k then knocked down her overall average to 6:12.

Don Strout Sets 8th PR With Run SMART

When Run SMART client Don Strout signed up for private coaching his personal best for 10k was 54:54. This past weekend he lowered it once again to 46:36 at the Tour de Fleurs 10k in Dallas. This was Don’s 8th PR since he started working with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry last summer. To put Don’s progress into perspective he’s gone from around 4:19-4:20 marathon fitness to a potential of 3:32 in about a year.

Ian Henman Wins Maritime Race Weekend 10K

Run SMART client Ian Henman, of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, got the win and a new PR at the Maritime Race Weekend 10k. Ian’s official time was 35:53. His previous PR of 36:15 was set last year. When he signed up for his Jack Daniels Training Plan 12 weeks ago he set a goal time of 35:50!

After the race Ian sent us a quick note, “Great service! I’ll be back next season for more without question!”

Dr. Jack Daniels: “The Endurance Scientist”

In case you missed it in Competitor Magazine they did a profile on Jack in their Mountain West edition, Endurance Scientist – How the “World’s Best Running Coach” created a formula for running. “I approach run training from a scientific point of view,” says Jack. “However, I also use lots of information I have gained from doing research with many elite runners [by] getting to know them personally and finding what works best for different people. We are not all the same.”

There’s also a nice sidebar on our annual summer retreats with great quotes from Run SMART Retreat Director Mike Smith. “We’re located in a world-class location for running. [From] the backdrop to everything we put on is a runner’s paradise. And lastly, we just take care of everything, from great dining to showing you some of Northern Arizona’s most prized spots, [such as] the Grand Canyon and Sedona,” says Smith.

The Single Best Exercise To Keep You Injury Free

By Chris Lauretani, PT, MS, CSCS, CKTP, TGI CGFI

Every runner has encountered injuries while running and most injuries, especially in the dog days of summer marathon training, tend to be lower body overuse injuries. These injuries can last weeks if not months and typically consist of problems like ITB tendonitis, hip bursitis, and a myriad of foot and ankle disorders. One major cause for these overuse injuries can be blamed on poor pelvic and core stability, a problem that affects recreational and elite runners alike.

Run SMART Coaches Take Georgetown And Stanford Jobs

We’re very proud and excited to announce that Run SMART coaches Mike Smith and Chris Miltenberg have accepted head coaching positions at two of the top track programs in the country.

Today, it became official that Smith will replace Miltenberg as head women’s cross country coach at Georgetown University. “I can’t imagine a better situation for Georgetown than to choose Mike Smith as a coach,” said Jack Daniels. “Flagstaff’s loss is definitely Georgetown’s gain, I believe Mike can be one of the most outstanding college coaches this country has seen.” That’s an endorsement from the greatest running coach ever!

Kinesio Tape and Running: Answers to some of your common questions

By Chris Lauretani, PT, MS, CSCS, CKTP, TGI CGFI

It’s impossible to miss the vibrant colors of Kinesio Tape that plastered athletes in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Kinesio Tape, invented more that 30 years ago, has since taken the sports world by storm. So next time you line up at a race next to someone wearing it, you will know what it’s all about.