How Much Should You Run?

Just read Matt Fitzgerald’s latest post on, “Are you running enough?” He starts…

As the great Arthur Lydiard said, “Miles make champions.”

According to the 2011 National Runner Survey, the average competitive runner runs 34 miles a week. Is that enough? Well, that depends. But let me answer the question this way: If 10 randomly selected competitive runners were brought to me to discuss their goals and receive my advice, I would probably advise nine of them to run more.

Is The Marathon Boom Over?

Seems hard to imagine but Erin Berisini of Outside Magazine posed the question and looked at the numbers last week.

We checked Running USA’s 2010 State of the Sport Report and also noticed that the number of finishers in 2011 (518,000) was only 2.2 percent higher than in 2010. That’s a measly rate of growth compared to the previous two years, during which marathoning enjoyed growth rates closer to 10 percent.

What do you think?

Alicia Shay Wins Transrockies Run3

Big congrats to Run SMART coach Alicia Shay after winning the Transrockies Run3 trail stage event. This was Alicia’s first stage event ever. Read the whole report on

Shay was all but unstoppable over the 3 days and managed yet another dominating win, by over 16 minutes, at 3:15:58. She would finish the 3 days and 58.4 miles in a combined time of 8 hours and 26 seconds, almost 47 minutes ahead of 2nd place finisher Gina Lucrezi.

Full results.

What Did You Think Of NBC’s London Olympics Coverage?

Kind of old news but we just read the London Games had more viewers (219 million) than any other event in U.S. TV history yet so many seemed unsatisfied with NBC’s coverage.

Obviously, we’re biased so not showing some major track events live was a real bummer, especially the men’s and women’s 100m, 200m and 1500m. Heck, they didn’t even show the steeplechase final during primetime coverage. You either had to stay up until 2am est or tape it and watch it the next day. The biggest criticism seems to be that NBC should have shown more live-coverage, yet NBC Sports Chairman, Mark Lazarus, thinks they should have shown more tape-delayed coverage! A director at Ad Age went further saying, ‘knowing the results of an event made you want to watch the coverage even more.’ But doesn’t that kind of ruin the whole experience? The suspense and excitement watching the men’s 10,000 meters was incredible.

What did you think?

Alicia On Meal Timing

One of the big takeaways from Alicia’s “Nutrition for Runners” workshop was meal timing and the difference it can make in one’s training and general well being. Here’s Alicia’s quick recap after her talk with the group out at the Run SMART Retreat…

To receive nutrition consultation from Alicia check out Run SMART’s Nutrition for Runners service.

‘My Mother Can Catch Him Because She Runs Fast’

We missed this local story from back in April on longtime Run SMART client Cathrine Wolden. At 40-years old the full-time mom talks about juggling family life and her quest to break 2:50 in the marathon.

Wolden, who has set 2:50 and 2:45 as her next marathon goal times, said she has had to adjust her training schedule over the last few years while she cares for her young family.

“When the twins were born, I got back to training for the New York Marathon,” she said. “I had to wake up at 4:30 a.m., run and get back to bed before starting the day. Now, with the children on a half-day [pre-school] schedule, I can run later in the morning.”

Check out the full story.

Aaron Kravitz Goes 2-For-2

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Aaron Kravitz is now getting ready to start his third training plan in about a year. Why not? When you set new personal bests while following the first two you bought you go for the ‘turkey’!

Last year Aaron signed up with a goal to break 4-hours at the New York City Marathon. He ended up running 3:47! Recently, at the San Francisco Half he set a new PR clocking in at 1:45. Although his PR was 1:47, his goal time was to break 2-hours because of all the hills. On a flat course that could translate up to 5-8 minutes faster. Next up the Big Sur Half in November for the ‘turkey’! Fitting that it’s just a week before Thanksgiving.

One Year, One Mile, One Minute

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Sarah Claire Ahlers set a new PR in her first race on the schedule! While following her 5k schedule she raced a road mile last week and finished in 6:30. This was almost a one minute improvement from her 7:28 performance on the track last year!

“I ran without a watch and when I got close enough for the clock to come into focus I could barely believe it,” said Sarah.  “Oh Boy, my lungs!  Do they always feel raw like that when you run hard?  Anyway, I’m thrilled!”

The best part of our training plan service is seeing how Jack’s training inspires runners of all levels by getting them to a level they never imagined themselves reaching. To put Sarah’s accomplishment into perspective it’s like going from a 4:05 marathoner to a sub-3:30 marathoner in one year. Boom. She’s a completely different runner now.