Cath Kemp Sets New 5k PR

Run SMART client Cath Kemp set a new personal best at the Zippy 5k in San Francisco, CA. Cath’s official time was 19:52 (6:24 per mile). Her 5k PR was 20:41 when she signed up for private coaching and started working with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry this past October.

Official results here. Nice works, guys!

Who Says You’re Supposed To Slow Down As You Get Older?

Jeanine Holmlund set a new 5k PR at the Zippy 5k in San Francisco, CA after following her personalized Jack Daniels Training Plan. The 47-year-old from Orinda, CA finished second in her age group in 19:23 (6:15 per mile). Full Results. Her PR coming into the race was 19:57 set back in 2010 and her time last year at Zippy was 20:18.

Congrats, Jeanine! Who says you’re supposed to slow down as you get older?!?!?

Rod Koborsi’s Favorite Workout

We asked Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi what his favorite workout is and why. Rod has run 13:26 for 5k, 28:30 for 10k and 1:03 for a half marathon.

Rod:  My favorite workout is an 8-10 mile steady state run. It was the bread and butter of my training. A “steady state” run is long, steady running at about 80% of your max. A general measure is about 45 seconds per mile slower than your 5k pace. However, steady states are more about running relaxed/steady versus “forcing” yourself to run a particular goal pace. Not only does it make you stronger physically but steady states also teach you to run “under control” while also maintaining a consistent moderate effort. This is key for any distance runner.

Don Strout Takes A Big Chunk Out Of His 5k PR

Run SMART client Don Strout dropped almost 3 minutes off of his 5k PR at the NCR Sprint For Cancer. Don finished 17th overall in 21:19. Full Results. Since signing up for private coaching about nine months ago Don has set six new PRs over distances including the 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon.

Don works with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry.

Rob DeLong Sets 5th PR

Run SMART client Rob DeLong set his 5th PR since signing up for coaching roughly 11 weeks ago. At the JFK Rotary Club “5k Runway Run” DeLong finished in 23:37, over two minutes faster than his previous best!

“The plan was for Rob to negative split the race in 7:45, 7:40 and then shoot for a 7:35 last mile which was uncharted territory for him,” said his coach Brian Rosetti. “His actual splits were 7:46, 7:36 and then 7:18. His last mile was the fastest he’s ever run by far!”

Tom Klimek Sets 8K PR – Again!

After three years of working with The Run SMART Project Tom Klimek is still making big improvements. This past weekend he finished 25th overall at the Gener8tion 8k in Philadelphia. Tom’s official time was 30:00 (6:02 per mile), 1:15 faster than last year’s performance in the same race, which is also a 52 second PR for the distance and the fastest pace he’s ever averaged in a race! Full Results.

His coach Vince Sherry said afterwards, “It was by far Tom’s best race since joining Run SMART. We dropped the mileage this season and have been focused on speed work.”

Cathrine Wolden Finishes 37th At Boston Marathon

Run SMART client Cathrine Wolden finished 37th female overall at the 2012 Boston Marathon. She managed to run 3:02:29 under extremely difficult conditions with temps reaching the 80’s towards the second half of her race. Complete results.

Big congrats to Cathrine for such a brave race and her coach Alicia Shay for preparing her so well to run under those conditions.

Nick Meeson Sets New PRs for 400M, 800M And The 2-Mile

After purchasing a Jack Daniels 5k Training Plan, Nick Meeson of Bowling Green, OH set PRs for 400M, 800M and 2-miles. He also reached his main goal of going sub-15 by running 14:56 at the Jesse Owens Invite at Ohio State University. Nick was kind enough to let us share his results…

My main goal with the plan was to return back to my normal running self which was sub 15 in the 5k. I did that tonight. I went 14:56. 10 minutes after the race, my words were FINALLY!

Also, I never had been able to break 2mintues in the 800 before. I went 1:58. I never broke 58 in the 400… I went 53 this season! I lowered my 2 mile time to 9:13, a 5 second PR!

I want to thank you for your plan that you sent me, it helped me get back and get better after a two years of running very poorly.

Start customizing your own Jack Daniels Training Plan, handwritten by the man himself!

Warming Up For A Marathon With Ann Alyanak

We asked Run SMART coach Ann Alyanak what her marathon warm-up routine is and what she recommends to her clients.

Ann: My typical marathon warm-up is a mile shakeout about 3 hours before the race. I do this right after I wake up and before I eat breakfast. This is just to help me wake up and get some blood flowing. Then about 30 minutes before the race I will run very easy for about 10 minutes and do some light stretching. I will do a couple very light strides as well. I don’t do anything hard or long because I want to conserve my energy for the race. The first couple miles of the marathon kind of serve as a warm-up too.