“Wanted to let you know how well the plan is working!”

More positive feedback. This from Danielle Duhon

I am following my Jack Daniels Training Plan to the second to train for Grandma’s Marathon June 16 (goal 3:35). I ran Dallas Rock & Roll Half yesterday in warm weather and had a 2 minute PR running 1:38:57 (the plan predicted a 1:39:45 by week 9). Of course I’m ecstatic and wanted to let you know how well the plan is working!

Got a race coming up? Start customizing your plan now! All plans are geared towards your running background and goals.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

When it comes to injury prevention runners spend most of their time stretching and strengthening their legs and upper body. What about your feet? Why do we neglect our foundation so badly?

The feet represent the foundation of the human body, a foundation made up of many crucial components; the foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In fact, one quarter of all bones in the human body are in the feet.

The foot is the first point of contact and the arch of the foot is the body’s shock absorber; it acts as a spring. When this shock absorber or spring has fallen, the entire kinetic chain is disturbed. The force of the impact must be absorbed by other parts of the body, such as the hips, knees, and back.

Injury prevention should start with your feet and it takes more than finding the right shoes. Follow these simple exercises at home, especially if you wear minimalist running shoes, and you’ll see a huge difference in your stride and ability to stay consistent in your training.

Another PR While Running Under The Influence

Jason Klaitman just reported to us that he set a new PR at the Tobacco Road Marathon after following his very own Jack Daniels Training Plan.

I had what I feel was a very good race.  I wanted to run a 2:59, but it was hotter and more humid that I would have liked and I fought off cramping in the second half of the marathon – something I have never dealt with before.  I ended up running a 3:03:15.  My previous PR was 3:11:07, so a big improvement and good enough for 3rd in my AG and top-30 OA.  I think on a flatter course like Chicago, I could have easily broken three hours, but regardless, I re-qualified for Boston.

I really appreciated your plan:  I ran more miles on back to back days then I have ever run but stayed healthier than I ever have during a marathon training cycle.

Congrats, Jason! Next stop, sub-3!!

Rob DeLong Improving Quickly

When Rob DeLong signed up for private coaching six weeks ago his short term goal was to finish his first half marathon in 2:05. As a newbie runner the longest Rob had ever run in one run before getting started with Run SMART was 15k or 9.3 miles. We’re happy to report that Rob smashed his goal time by almost 10 minutes at the NYRR’s NYC Half Marathon last weekend.

His official time was 1:56:59 (8:56 per mile). Full Results. Rob’s Run SMART coach Brian Rosetti noted afterwards, “The game plan was to run conservative early and break the race up into three parts slowly getting faster as the race went on. He really nailed the pacing and now he’s feeling great and ready to focus on getting faster.” Rob’s 10k split was 56:44 (9:07 per mile) so he came home a lot faster over the second half of the race! And we should note that in his last 10k earlier this year he ran 58:05, so even while going out conservatively he still managed to set a new 10k PR during the race!

Hanging With The Elites At Age 14

Meghan Lockett, at age 14, hung with the top runners at the 24th St. Patrick’s Day 8k in Washington, DC, finishing 9th female overall in a race of 6,841 finishers. Lockett was the youngest competitor in the Top 10 by 10 years! She also managed to crack 30 minutes for the first time at this distance, with an official time of 29:57. Her performance was roughly 30 seconds faster than last year and she managed to set two personal bests by dropping an 18:20 split at 5k! After the race, her coach Alicia Shay said, “Meghan crushed it!”

For the full recap and race results in Washington Running Report go here.

Peter Kosgei Wins St. Patrick’s 4M

Peter Kosgei started following his Jack Daniels Training Plan about a month and a half ago in a courageous attempt to make a comeback to competitive running suffering serious injuries in a brutal mugging attack.

We’re happy to announce that his amazing comeback is well underway! Last week, Peter won the Binghamton, NY St. Patrick’s Day 4-Miler in 20:10 (5:03 per mile). Full Results.

Amy Gordon Ready To Roll At Boston Marathon

Run SMART client Amy Gordon set a new half marathon PR under very difficult conditions. With wind gusts up to 20 and 30 mph Amy still managed to drop 1 minute and 20 seconds off of her personal best. Her official time was 1:33:40 (7:08 per mile). To put this performance into perspective, Amy averaged 7:16 per mile at the NYRR Gridiron Classic 4M in early February.

This is a great sign for Amy and her coach Vince Sherry with roughly one month to go until Amy’s goal race, The Boston Marathon.

Tim Hodges Sets New 4-Mile PR

Tim Hodges dropped his marathon time by 26 minutes following his first Jack Daniels Training Plan last year. Since purchasing his second plan he has now set a new 4-mile PR. Tim was kind enough to share his results with us…

Just wanted to share with you that I have a new PR in the 4 mile distance. Overall time was 25:05 and I finished in the top 50 of the St. Patricks Day Run in Kansas City.  My time in the 4 mile improved by 22 seconds from last year.   The training has paid off thanks to your Run SMART program!

Malindi Elmore Smashes Bazan Bay 5k Record

Congrats to Run SMART coach Malindi Elmore for winning the Bazan Bay 5k in record time. Elmore won by a large margin in 15:48, her second fastest road 5k ever! A great sign as she seeks her second Olympic spot in either the 1500 or 5000M this summer.

Shared Elmore, “The course was great. It was beautiful along the ocean. A nice flat course that went by very quickly!”

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Watch race highlights:

Cathrine Wolden Sets 9th PR With Coach Alicia Shay

Run SMART client Cathrine Wolden set her 9th personal best since signing up for coaching with Alicia Shay last weekend at NYRR’s Coogan’s Salsa Blues and Shamrocks 5k. Cathrine won the 40-44 age group by 38 seconds finishing in 18:45 (6:03 per mile), 6 seconds faster than her previous best! Full Results.