Know Your Pace

Just added a new article to our media coverage page. Jack and Vince were both quoted at length in this Runner’s World article about finding your ideal running pace. We’ll be posting a lot about appropriate training paces soon…in fact…we’re planning a whole series on this stuff! This is what we pride ourselves on and Jack’s body of work really focuses on the importance of knowing the purpose of every workout and what your ideal pace should be to achieve optimal results.

Once you’ve established your baseline 5k pace, use it to determine how fast to run your workouts. “Your goal is to create the least possible stress on your body that produces the maximum physiological benefits, not maximum stress to accomplish the same benefits,” says Jack Daniels, Ph.D., head coach with The Run S.M.A.R.T. Project. In other words, don’t run one second faster than necessary.

Read the entire article.

Dalit Medina Wins Age Group At Coyote Hill 10k

In her first race since joining The Run SMART Project Dalit Medina finished first in the 40-44 age group and 12th female overall at the Coyote Hill XC 10k. Her official time was 48:58 (7:46 per mile). Full results.

Dalit works with Run SMART coach Dr. Jack Daniels.

Flagstaff Running Community Has Its Own News Outlet

Keep up with all the latest news and results for the Flagstaff running community at Flagstaff Footnotes, a new project and the first of its kind, started by journalist and longtime Run SMART athlete Erin Strout.

Erin writes about how it all started:

There are so few places where Olympic athletes-in-training commingle freely with recreational weekend warriors, where the accountant in the next cubicle wins a major ultra-running race on any given Sunday, or close to 200 people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds workout together on the track every Tuesday night, often under the watchful eye of a world-renowned coach. If you’re a runner in Flagstaff, AZ, there is a group and a place for you to thrive and we should highlight and celebrate that publicly.

It’s Time For An Inspection

Last week we posted a great video about active isolated stretching which helps prevent injuries and promotes faster recovery. But injury prevention is more than just stretching, it should also include proper rest week to week, a supplemental strength routine and running workouts that are personalized towards your goals and based on your running history and current fitness.

Beyond the tools available that we usually cover to help prevent injuries, every runner should also do a little self-inspection from time to time to gauge how their body is holding up. The key is to catch an imbalance or area of weakness in advance before it becomes a full blown injury. Running Times featured a great article titled, “How’s Your Running Body” by Phil Wharton that shows how you can quickly test the structural integrity of your running form. Below are the key elements of your running form the tests will measure.

Hayley Long Wins Auburn 10k

Hayley Long (pictured above) in route to winning the Auburn 10k, has now set two new PRs while following her very own personalized Jack Daniels Training Plan. Following her first plan this past summer Hayley set a new 5k PR and this past weekend following her second plan she set a new 10k PR in 43:52 (7:11 per mile). We should note the next female finisher was almost 5 minutes behind! See full results.

Transform Your Running With Active Isolated Stretching

At Run SMART it’s no secret we’re huge proponents of active isolated stretching and its ability to help prevent injuries and promote faster recovery. Every client receives an active stretching routine and are encouraged to incorporate it into their running routine as much as possible. Below is a great introductory video on the principles of active stretching versus static from the man who introduced the method to us, Phil Wharton of Wharton Performance.

We strongly recommend getting a rope and the book or DVD to help guide you through all the stretches. It will change your running dramatically over time.

Don Strout Sets Second Straight Marathon PR

Run SMART client Don Strout pictured above with legendary coach Jack Daniels after setting a new PR at the Houston Marathon. Don finished in 3:45, a 12 minute personal best! In his last two marathons he has now shaved 34 minutes off his PR since signing up for private coaching.

Don works with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry. This is their 5th PR since they starting working together last summer.

Prepare To Compete – Injury Prevention Clinic

We highly recommend checking out Dr. Marc Bochner’s injury prevention clinic next week to runners of all levels in the New York City (NYC) area. Last year we partnered with Dr. Bochner to develop a core strength/stability routine specifically designed for our clients and it has done wonders to keep our athletes healthy.

For more information see below or visit

When: Thursday, January 26th

Time: 7-9pm

Place: Bochner Chiropractic & Sports Injury Care, 681 Lexington Ave., 5th Floor (between 56th/57th)

Cost: This is a FREE clinic! Limited to 10 participants. Bring running clothes for both indoor and outdoor exercise.