Can’t Shake That Plantar Fasciitis Injury?

Plantar Fasciitis, a runner’s nightmare, can ruin your training for a long time if not diagnosed properly and treated quickly. This article from Dr. Marc Bochner, our partner on strength and injury prevention, provides great insight as to why runners develop this injury, how to prevent, diagnose and treat it effectively.

For acute pain, treatment should start with ice massage, which can help decrease any inflammation or swelling, and heel cushions, which can reduce contact pain when walking (put in both shoes to keep equal leg-lengths). Self-massage of the tight fascia, and arch or calf muscles can help. The arch can be done by rolling the foot on a golf ball for 20-60 seconds, especially first thing in the morning before getting out of bed, as the fascia usually shortens overnight. Stretching of the achilles and calf can be performed seated on the floor by using a towel to gently pull your foot towards you. Keeping your foot turned in slightly (supination) will reduce tension on the plantar fascia.

KC Cohen Breaks Personal Best From 2005

Run SMART client KC Cohen set a new 15k PR this past weekend at the New York Road Runner’s Ted Corbitt 15k in Central Park. KC finished in 1:08:12 (7:20 per mile), 31 seconds faster than her previous best for this distance set back in 2005! [Full Results]

“KC is just getting back to normal training after a little post-Chicago Marathon break.,” said her coach Brian Rosetti. “This was a nice bonus considering we were only looking for a long steady effort to prepare for the Manhattan Half next month. She stuck right to the game plan going out in 7:28 bringing her splits down the whole way with a solid last mile of 7:06!”

Don Strout Sets 4th PR With Run SMART

Run SMART client Don Strout set his fourth PR under Run SMART at the 2011 MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Half Marathon. He finished in 1:42:24, just over four minutes faster than his previous best. [Full Results]

Run SMART coach Vince Sherry talked about the most encouraging part of Don’s race, “Don dropped his fastest split (7:28) in the last mile, which was faster than the pace he averaged in his last 10k race.” That’s a great sign! We’re looking forward to seeing more from Don soon.

Beware NSAIDS When Treating Overuse Injuries

Dr. Marc Bochner of Bochner Chiropractor and Sports Injury Care in New York has written many smart articles on injury prevention/treatment so we’re going to share some of our favorites over the next few months. He helped us put together a very effective and appropriate strength and stability routine for runners that goes out to all of our private clients so we have a lot of trust in him on these issues.

First up, Beware The Hazards Of NSAIDS.

Pain should be considered a warning sign, whose cause is to be investigated. Covering up your symptom of pain with medication can lead to more serious injury. New research has revealed that many overuse injuries aren’t even inflammatory in nature! Many tendon injuries have been found to involve degeneration of the collagen material making up the tendon, with no inflammatory cells present on biopsy. This is called tendinosis, not tendinitis, and will not be helped by trying to limit inflammation. In fact, Advil and the rest of the over-the-counter drugs may even delay healing of connective tissue and muscle, even though you may feel less pain.

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Scott Mersiowsky Chipping His Way Back To Old PRs

Run SMART client Scott Mersiowksy finished 2nd in the masters division at the Mary Washington Healthcare YMCA Turkey Trot. His official time was 17:16 (5:33 per mile). Full Results.

Scott’s 5k PR is 16:46 set back in 2004 at age 38 so we’re excited to see him chipping his way back seven years later. When he signed up for private coaching this past spring he had run a few 5k’s in the 17:50’s range. Looks like his Run SMART coach, Rod Koborsi, is treating him to some of that fountain of youth magic our coaches seem to possess.

Run Under The Influence Of Jack Daniels

Today officially marks 18-weeks to go until the 2012 Boston Marathon! Get an 18-week schedule designed by Jack and start training for your personal best! In honor of this mark we’re also excited to unveil the facelift we’ve given our new training plans page.

Chip Hawkins Finishes Third At Mississippi Coast Marathon

Big congrats to Run SMART client Chip Hawkins for finishing third overall and first in the 40-44 age group in his first marathon ever. Chip ran 3:21:32 at the Mississippi Coast Marathon under very hot and humid conditions with temps in the mid-70’s at the start.

Full results.

Chip works with Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi.

Cathrine Wolden Sets Fourth Straight Marathon PR

Coming off her win at the NYRR Staten Island Half Marathon in October, Cathrine Wolden set her fourth straight marathon PR as a Run SMART client at the Cal International Marathon this past weekend. Her official time was 2:51:33 (6:33 per mile), four minutes faster than her last marathon and 22 minutes faster than her PR when she started working with Run SMART coach Alicia Shay.

Even more impressive was the way Cathrine executed her race plan. At the halfway mark her split was 1:26:08 so she came home in 1:25:25 for the second half which is only 21 seconds slower than her half marathon PR! Brilliant! Next stop, sub-2:50.

Christen Meyer Cracks Three Hours At Cal International Marathon

Four years ago, Run SMART client Christen Meyer had what many considered career ending surgery on her Achilles. She underwent a long and slow recovery process but refused to believe she couldn’t compete at a high level again. This past weekend her perseverance paid off at the Cal International Marathon. At age 48, and competing in her first race in four years, Christen ran 2:58:21 to finish second in her age group!

“The best part about Christen’s race was that she said it felt pretty easy,” said her coach Brian Rosetti.