Run SMART Beginner Running Tips

For anyone beginning a running routine or looking to make running a more serious part of their workout regimen, Run SMART coaches have broken down training tips into three important categories:  How to Pace Yourself, Injury Prevention and How to Stay Motivated.

  • How To Pace Yourself: Never start a run at a pace you cannot maintain throughout. Many runners start too quickly, whether it’s a training run or a race and slow dramatically over the course of the run. This is the harder and more painful way to train, plus you’re not getting as much out of the workout. Allow your body to ease into a run…some days might be slower than others…then gradually pick up the pace once you feel warmed-up.

Marathon Recovery Tips – Immediately After Race

Run SMART coaches have put together a list of tips to help you recover from your marathon. We recommend the following immediately after the race:


  • Electrolytes. This is a very individual scenario. A short answer would be that most runners don’t need to replace electrolytes right after finishing if they are planning on eating balanced meals and snacks following the race.  Most foods, especially packaged products and meals served in restaurants contain enough sodium to equalize any potential electrolyte imbalance. However, if you have an extreme craving for salt then you need drink or eat something that contains sodium.  This could be your body’s warning that your electrolytes are out of balance.  

Last Minute NYC Marathon Tips

Run SMART coach Brian Rosetti offered up some important last minute marathon tips for the New York City Marathon at Proper rest, nutrition, warm-up, settling nerves, etc. were just some of the topics covered.

Rest. “There’s nothing you can do at this point to improve your fitness in time for the race. At this stage, you can only hurt yourself by doing too much,” said Brian Rosetti, an Upper West Sider who founded of The Run SMART Project, a coaching service for runners.

Take a few days off completely this week, said Rosetti, and limit your running to a two or three mile run at your goal pace or a little faster on Tuesday or Wednesday.

You can read the full article of tips here.