Mike Smith Featured In Running Times Article On Trail Running

Run SMART coach Mike Smith talks about transitioning to trail running and offers some great advice.

Smith, who coaches for the Jack Daniels-inspired Run S.M.A.R.T. Project, stresses the importance of practicing these pace changes.

“If I were training a road runner for a road race, I’d want them to become very comfortable at race pace. We’d practice until they could take a nap at race pace. But on the trails, this rhythm running won’t work. A trail runner must be very good at changing gears. They have to be used to running at a maximal effort but changing their pace significantly during the race.”

Check out the full article over at runningtimes.com.

Scott Mersiowsky Wins Run Against Violence 5k

Run SMART client Scott Mersiowsky ran his fastest 5k in 3 years and finished first overall out of 500 runners at the Baron “Deuce” Braswell II Run Against Violence 5K. His official time was 17:24. (Full results)

At age 45 Scott seems to have found a new wind at his back. He works with Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi.

Charles Hartel Lowers 4-Mile PR Again

Run SMART client Charlie Hartel signed up for coaching back in November of 2009 and has been working with coach Vince Sherry ever since. Before he joined The Project he had just run 50:16 (8:06 per mile) for 10k. Recently, he dropped 21 seconds off his 4-mile PR, the second time he’s lowered it since working with Vince, finishing in 25:46 (6:27 per mile). To see Charlie go from a guy averaging 8:06 per mile for 10k to 6:27’s for 4 miles is a huge transformation. He’s turning into quite the runner these days and we’re proud to see him continue to progress.

Next up, the New York City Marathon this November!

Tim Hodges Drops Marathon Time By 26 Minutes!

Tim Hodges purchased an 18-Week Jack Daniels’ Training Plan this past July with a lofty goal of 3:10 for the marathon, considering his PR was 3:37. But when Jack’s training you clearly anything is possible. Tim just dropped us a note that he improved by 26 MINUTES finishing in 3:11:44 at the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, OH. (Full results) He was 74th overall and 17th in his age division.

It’s incredible to see this much improvement in one race at this level of performance. What’s next, Tim? Sub-3 hours?

“I’m Getting Better All The Time”

Run SMART client Scott Mersiowsky signed up for private coaching this past May. He was kind enough to share a testimonial about his experience working with Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi. We’re super excited about his progress!

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying and benefiting from working with Run SMART Coach Rod Koborsi.  After a couple years of injuries, the first from a motorcycle accident and then the next year a stress fracture, I didn’t think that I would ever get back to running well.  After 11 weeks in a boot for the stress fracture, I decided that at age 45 I was going to depend on someone else for my training and try to surpass or at least match my times from my younger years.  Now I have been running and competing since high school so I was a little skeptical as to how much an online coach could really help.

Don Strout Sets Another 10k PR

Run SMART client Don Strout set his second 10k PR since joining The Run SMART Project this past July. After only a few months of working with coach Vince Sherry Don has already dropped eight minutes off of his 10k personal best.

Last week in the WARR 10k Don dropped close to another four minutes off of his personal best finishing in 47:09 (7:35 per mile).