Gundula Brattke Finishes First Marathon

Run SMART client Gundula Brattke finished her first marathon this past weekend at the Cox Sports Marathon in Providence, RI. Her official time was 5:19:09 (full results). When she signed up for coaching this past summer and began working with Run SMART coach Alicia Shay her longest run was 13 miles. Congrats to Gundula on this great accomplishment! Next stop is the New York City Marathon this fall!


Stepping Into Minimalist Shoes Responsibly

With the new trend towards minimalist footwear, it’s important runners have access to information not only about the benefits of minimalism but more importantly how to incorporate it safely into their running routine.

Saucony has taken this message to heart with their recent Step Into Minimalism events in Boston and NYC. Run SMART was fortunate enough to be apart of this worthy campaign by offering gait analysis and coaching tips on how to safely transition into minimalist shoes.