Mike Smith Finishes 2nd At Chuckanut 50k

Run SMART coach Mike Smith finished runner-up at the Chuckanut 50k in a very competitive field. Smith, a relative new comer to the sport, hung on to the lead in his first ultra marathon until mile 22 when he got passed by eventual winner, Geoff Roes. Roes (3:41:52) and Smith (3:45:22) both beat the course record of 3:49:39 set by Andy Martin. Full results here.

Run The Berlin Marathon With Team for Kids

The Berlin Marathon has sold out almost seven months in advance but you can still get guaranteed entry by raising money for New York Road Runner’s Team for Kids. And on top of supporting a great cause and participating in one of the greatest marathons in the world, you’ll receive a personalized 18-week training plan and coaching support from The Run SMART Project.

Jack Daniels: Integrating Hill Training Into Your Marathon Plan

Question: I would like to know your recommendation for integrating hill training into a marathon program. Specifically:

  1. When to start/end training (at what point in a typical 24 week cycle?)
  2. What format of hill training (true Lydiard hill circuits (bound up, recover @ top, stride down, 3X150M strides, repeat), normal :60-:30 second hill reps with short rest (VO2 workout), uphill tempo runs, etc).

Run SMART Coach Jack Daniels: I like to think of hill training as another form of resistance training, and certainly resistance training can benefit a runner.  Resistance training could be hill running, or squats in the gym or circuit training, bounding, or deep-water running, etc.  In other words, training that may be overall beneficial for the development of a runner in terms of holding off injury or developing muscles that may normally become fatigued in races of various distances.

Stuart White Wins Grasslands Trail Half Marathon

Run SMART client Stuart White is having an incredible 2011 racing season. Recently, he won the Grasslands Trail Half Marathon in Near Decatur, TX. The 48 year old from Argyle, TX grinded his way through the difficult trail course in 1 hour and 33 minutes (full results).

At the Rocky Raccoon 50 Miler in Huntsville, TX, Stuart finished 9th out of 166 finishers in 7 hours, 30 minutes and 19 seconds (full results). Stuart has been with Run SMART for two years now and has made a lot of great progress with coach Blake Boldon. He’s also our first ultra runner so we’re very proud to post this result.

Leo O’Connor Makes Big Improvement In 15K

Run SMART client Leo O’Connor finished the 38th Annual Forks 15K in 1:09:26 (7:27 per mile), a 4:07 improvement from last year. Leo felt good about the result and his pacing, “I averaged 7:25 through three miles, 7:27 through six and then held it for the balance of the race.”

Since Leo signed up for private coaching back in June of 2010 he has made big improvements in his 5k and 15k times. And at 59 years old Leo and his coach Blake Boldon are still confident he can continue to improve after all his hard work this past year.

Brian Schmidt Sets Lifetime Best At 41

Run SMART client Brian Schmidt set a new lifetime best for 5k at age 41 after running 16:29 at the CMU Open in Fayetville, MO last weekend (results). His coach Blake Boldon summed it up best by email, “Lifetime best 5k age 41!!” Brian ran in high school and has been running competitively for a long time so this was a hard earned achievement. For someone with his running background, getting better as he’s entering the masters phase of his career is incredible.

Jack Daniels Visits Runner’s World

This past Monday Jack visited with the editors at Runner’s World and then gave a talk to the Lehigh Valley Running Community. I was fortunate enough to tag along for the day. Runner’s World editor at large, Amby Burfoot, made a great attempt to try and summarize some of the key takeaways after spending the day with Jack.

The Results Are In!

Results are starting to come in from our initial Run SMART Training Plan customers. We just got word from Karin that she PR’d by 20 minutes at the Yuengling Half Marathon!

Also, we sent out a customer survey to our first 30 customers a little while back. Here’s some of the feedback we received:

Ask A Coach: What Is Your Opinion On Stretching Before Runs?


I was wondering as accomplished coaches and runners what your opinion is on stretching before you run?  I know that there is a major difference to dynamic and static stretching, but does either in your mind have value, especially to younger runners?

Why Do You Run?

By Alicia Shay

Truthfully, I had a great nutrition article written and ready to post.  However, as I glanced over the words I had typed out, their importance seemed to pale in comparison to how the nation of Japan is suffering right now.  For the last several days, every time I step outside to go for a run I feel conflicted.  For the first mile my legs feel heavy and my heart feels even heavier.  Images of a country ravaged by an earthquake, a tsunami and now nuclear dangers play through my mind.  My thoughts range from sorrow to prayer to grief to hopelessness and to hope. As the seconds tick by, eventually my pace quickens, the heaviness starts to lift and the urge to stop disappears as I press forward.