Feeling The Impulse To Race

By Rod Koborsi

There are times in everyone’s running life where you feel the need to jump in a race that you are not quite prepared for. We would all love to be 100% prepared for every race but, as most can attest, life sometimes gets in the way. For some it’s the decision to sign up for next month’s marathon because you feel the need to accomplish something right away. Others might be fighting an injury and after time off want to suddenly jump in a race. And many of you up north may have had to deter training plans because a snow storm. No matter the circumstance, there are a few tips that every runner should keep in mind when feeling the impulse to race.

Jeff Weatherhead Cracks National Rankings

Run SMART client Jeff Weatherhead cracked the national rankings in the 800M at the USATF New England Indoor Track and Field Championships this past weekend. Weatherhead finished first in the M60 age group in 2:45. His time puts him 5th in the country for his age group.

“It’s great to see Jeff back on the track, healthy and racing well again,” said his coach Brian Rosetti.

Michelle LaSala Wins Age Group

Run SMART client Michelle LaSala, pictured above in black, broke some hearts in the final stretch of the 2011 Valentine Run in Sacramento, CA. She went on to pass both men shortly after this picture was taken. Michelle placed first in her age group and finished the 4-mile course in 26:03 (6:31 per mile).

Congrats to Michelle and her coach Vince Sherry for the age group victory!

Run SMART Kids Kicks Off At Fourth School In NYC

Yesterday, Run SMART Kids kicked off at PS 77, Lower Lab School – our fourth school in New York City! We’re working with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students there.

One of the best parts of the first day was how confident the kids were about how many gym laps they could run without stopping. Some said up to forty which was pretty cool. But a few learned quickly they’ll have to pace themselves a little better if they want to reach their goal by the end of the program.

Speed Workouts For A 26.2 Mile Race?

By Mike Smith

A question I get many times from the runners I interact with is “What place does speedwork have in training for a 26 mile race, Mike?” The question is a good one; in a race so far, wouldn’t you want to just get good at running for a long time? Why would anyone need to practice running fast?  It turns out that faster workouts don’t only have to be performed because you want to be a sprinter. These types of workouts can play an important part in preparing for longer races as well.

Claude DeGrace Finishes Strong In Melbourne

Run SMART client Claude DeGrace, pictured (right) with marathon legend Bill Rodgers (left),  after the Melbourne Half Marathon. The 56 year old from Moncton, New Brunswick Canada, ran an impressive time finishing 5th overall in his age group in 1:28:42 (10 minutes ahead of Bill Rodgers)! Full results.

Claude works with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry.