Ask A Coach: When Should I Double?

Question: Would you recommend doing a second run on days where you have a hard workout or just doing two easy runs on a non-workout day?

Run SMART Coach Rod Koborsi: Running twice a day is helpful in two ways…

  1. It’s great when you are trying to get in miles without building too much fatigue. For example, you will build more fatigue doing a 10-12 mile run than you would breaking it up between two runs. Most experiences that I have with doubling will be for this reason.

Heidi Peoples Joins Run SMART Coaching Staff

Heidi, pictured above, winning the Steamtown Marathon for the second time in a course record of 2:39:48 (chip time). We’re excited to introduce her as the latest addition to the Run SMART coaching staff. To date, she is the 11th coach to join the staff.

Meet Heidi Peoples:

  • 11-time Division III All-American and 1500-meter National Champion
  • 2-time Steamtown Marathon winner and record holder
  • 2-time Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier
  • Marathon – 2:39:48

Coaching Partnership With Run Flagstaff

Today, we’re making it official – The Run SMART Project has partnered with Run Flagstaff, Northern Arizona’s only specialty running store. We’re excited about the opportunity to provide proper coaching advice to such an active community as Flagstaff continues to grow into one of the nation’s top running destinations.

Our training plans, unlike anything on the market today, provide runners with an affordable personalized training option for 5k’s, 10k’s, half and full marathons. We’d like to thank Run Flagstaff for choosing us to fill this important role.

“Alicia Has Helped Me Revamp My Nutrition”

The latest addition to our Testimonials page comes from Bernice Brown, who signed up for nutrition consultation with Run SMART coach Alicia Shay:

A couple of months ago I signed up for a nutrition consultation. I am so glad that I did! Alicia has been great and has REALLY helped me revamp my nutrition.  All of her information was so detailed and her recommendations were easy to follow.  Everything from choosing a good vitamin to how to fuel my runs and most importantly how to properly nourish my body in everyday life. I  am very grateful to Alicia Shay for helping me make positive changes to assist in reaching my goals.

Preventing Injuries With Active Release

By Brian Rosetti

Throughout my experiences as a coach and runner/guinea pig for my athletes, I’ve learned a lot about injury treatment and prevention. Over the course of my career I’ve had my fair share of injuries but I’ve always tried to learn as much as possible throughout the process to prevent future problems. Over time I’ve avoided serious setbacks more often and one big reason for that is the success I’ve had working with certified active release practitioners. Here’s why:

Tips For Facing The Wind

Dr. Jack Daniels provides great training advice for “Facing the Wind.” When training in adverse conditions, particularly in the winter, runners have to face windy conditions. It’s important to understand how it can impact your training and that you come up with a plan to deal with the wind before your workout.