“Like A Guardian Angel”

The latest addition to our private coaching testimonials page is from Run SMART client Jane Svehlak, who had some really kind words to share about her coach Alicia Shay:

Alicia has been my very first ‘training’ partner, being there with me everyday the past four months (943 miles away), like a guardian angel on my shoulder during my runs. The oddity of pairing one of the world’s fastest long distance runners with one of the world’s slowest has been a humbling experience for me.  Alicia has given so generously in developing a training & nutrition plan to fit my fitness level and to help me achieve my personal fitness goals. She treated me with the same respect as a top coach would give to an elite athlete.

Top 10 Reasons To Purchase A Run SMART Training Plan

10.)  Accommodates Racing Schedule Along the Way
No more guessing what to do in the days prior to races you run leading up to your goal race, or how to adjust for a workout that should have been completed on race day. Run SMART Training Plans, unlike any other option on the market today, adjust for races in the weeks prior to your goal race.

9.)  Adjusts for Fitness Improvements Throughout Your Training
Generic plans don’t account for fitness improvements. Run SMART Training Plans anticipate natural body changes when a client is training. As their fitness improves along the way, the quality sessions week to week change to help the client continue to move forward and get faster. How can you improve if your schedule doesn’t anticipate you improving?

Leo O’Connor Makes Huge Improvement At 59

At the 11th Annual St. James 5k Run in Johnson City, NY, Run SMART client Leo O’Connor finished 2nd in the 55-59 age group with an impressive time of 20:56 (6:44 per mile, full results). Last year at the same race Leo ran 22:55 so he improved by almost two minutes! Just this past July we reported his 21:56 at the Empire State Games, so he’s dropped his 5k time by a minute just over the course of a few months!! When asked by his coach, Blake Boldon, the last time he ran this fast, Leo responded, “I can’t remember when I ran this fast. It had to be eight years ago in 2001, probably in the same St. James 5-K race when I ran a similar (low 20’s) time.”

Brian Schmidt Takes Home Masters Title

At the 22nd Annual Chile Pepper Cross Country Festival in Fayetteville, AK, Run SMART client Brian Schmidt won the open 10k masters division in a time of 35:23 (5:42 per mile, full results). His coach, Blake Boldon, who got his first chance to coach in person with Brian since he signed up in May, 2009, added that it was a jet-lagged 35:23 considering Brian was only in the country for about 12 hours before the race after a long trip in Singapore.

Looking back on Brian’s results since joining The Run SMART Project, I believe this is his third victory!

John Robinson Sets 7th PR With Run SMART

Run SMART client John Robinson of Savannah, GA, set another PR for 5k on Saturday, October 16th, running 19:05 to finish 3rd overall at the Go Green 5k Trail Run in Savannah, GA. In just a year and a half with The Run SMART Project, John has had seven PR performances, including five just in 2010. When John signed up back in March of ’09 he had run 20:45 for 5k. To drop one minute and 40 seconds over such a short distance is incredible.

John works with Run SMART Coach Mike Smith.

Run SMART Kids Warming Up

Run SMART kids warming up before their weekly lap run. Yesterday they did nine schoolyard laps and we’re proud to say they all finished without stopping! The goal is to get up to 16 laps without stopping by the end of the program. It’s taking time but all the points we’ve been stressing about proper pace are really starting to sink in. We quietly recorded their times for the nine laps and next week they’ll do a prediction contest to see who can pace themselves closest to their predicted time.

Stuart White Wins Palo Duro Ultramarathon

In his first ever ultramarathon Stuart White won the Palo Duro 50 mile Trail Run this past weekend in Palo Duro Canyon State Park! His official time was 8:26:25 (full results). Stuart’s Run SMART Coach, Blake Boldon, was fired up after the race, “He battled record high temperatures in the West Texas sun and struggled with cramps for more than ten miles.  He successfully persevered to win by 20 minutes!!”

I’ve checked the records and it’s official – Stuart is the first Run SMART client to take home an individual title in an ultramarathon. Nice work!

Low Glycemic Pre-Race Breakfast Tips

Question: What’s your prescribed low glycemic race day breakfast for events lasting less than an hour? I have to be careful about my blood sugar and what I eat.

Alicia Shay:  Racing in the morning soon after you wake up presents a challenge because your body is dehydrated and very low on readily available fuel resources. But there isn’t much time for you to correct this before start the race and you also don’t want to spike your blood sugar by eating something extremely high glycemic.

To combat this problem, ideally you want to drink at least 16-20 ounces of water (to aid digestion) and take in as many calories as soon as possible without spiking your blood sugar too much.

Yoga For Runners Workshop (NYC)

This Thursday, October 21st from 7:30pm-9:00pm at YogaWorks Westside, Mimi Rosetti will be leading a Yoga For Runners Workshop. All proceeds will go towards the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. The suggested donation is $25 for the session. To register, call 212-769-9642. Location: 37 W. 65th St. (between CPW and Columbus Ave), 4th floor, New York, NY.

Magic Orgil Drops 14 Minutes Off Marathon PR

This past weekend at the Nike Women’s Marathon Magic Orgil set her third personal best since joining The Run SMART Project. Magic dropped 14 minutes off of her marathon best and finished in 3:36:40 (8:16 per mile). Check out her results graph – the best part is she pretty much got faster throughout the entire race!

  • At 5k she was averaging 8:36 per mile
  • At 15k she was averaging 8:22 per mile
  • At 35k she was averaging 8:18 per mile
  • And she finished averaging 8:16 per mile!!!

The picture says it all – she literally breezed through that race. Magic works with Run SMART Coach Vince Sherry.