Altitude Training By Dr. Jack Daniels, Part III

Part III of Jack’s Altitude Training Series focuses on, “What is the best altitude for living and training high?”

Any altitude at which you can perform quality training is useful, but moderate altitudes, in the range of 1600-2600 meters (5000-8500 feet), are felt to be ideal. Flagstaff’s 2134 meter (7000 feet) elevation is certainly in the middle of that range. At this altitude there are seldom any problems with altitude sickness and normal amounts and relative intensities of training are generally easy to maintain.

Next week we’ll post “How much improvement will take place with acclimatization?”

Everett Hill Sets 10th PR With Run SMART

Run SMART client Everett Hill set his 10th PR since joining The Run SMART Project. His new PR, 50:34, was set this past weekend. Everett’s previous 10k best, 50:51, was two years old. At age 50 he’s still getting faster! His coach, Vince Sherry, noted that it was the “best paced race Everett has ever run.” Interesting, considering their game plan heading into the race was about focusing more on competition versus pace.

Magic Orgil Wins Gobi Desert Half Marathon

Run SMART client Magic Orgil just got back from Mongolia where she was first female and fourth finisher overall in the Gobi Desert Half Marathon. She finished in a very impressive time of 1:51 on a challenging and sandy course as you can imagine. The course cuts through sand dunes, the wide open Mongolian Gobi Desert steppes and the famous excavation dinosaur area next to the “Flaming Cliffs”. Sounds like a lot of fun. Congrats, Magic!

Magic works with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry.

Is A Training Plan Essential?

Is A Training Plan Essential?

By Rod Koborsi

As runners, we ask numerous questions to help us feel better, train harder and run faster. These questions vary from whether minimalist footwear is all the hype to how far should I run be before a marathon. While these questions (and everything in between) may be good ones to ask, they sometimes forget one of the most important questions, “Is a training plan essential?”

Jamesina Simpson Sets New 10k PR On Dirt At Altitude

Run SMART client Jamesina Simpson finished 5th overall and 2nd female at the 24th ANNUAL CORRIDA de CORRALES 2010 10K Run in 40:52 (full results). It was a huge 10k PR and more impressively, she did it on a dirt course at altitude! After the race, Jamesina told her coach, Vince Sherry, “No one passed me during the entire race and I also picked off a few guys.  Overall, I think it was my smartest race to date.”

Altitude Training By Dr. Jack Daniels, Part II

Part II of Jack’s Altitude Training Series focuses on, “How long does it takes to adapt to altitude.”

As already mentioned, in slow-speed endurance events, altitude-best performances will never match sea-level bests, but they will definitely improve with altitude training. In as few as two weeks, altitude performance will be noticeably improved. Within about six weeks of altitude training, acclimatization will be quite complete.

Mike Smith’s Three Most Important Tips for Beginner Runners

My Three Most Important Tips for Beginner Runners

By Mike Smith

One of the greatest joys I get as a coach is assisting someone to get off the ground for the first time. While the action of running is a simple activity, starting a running program isn’t as easy as it looks. One of the very reasons I started coaching was to help people go about this activity in a way that sets them up for success. Here are my three biggest tips for beginner runners:

John Robinson Sets Fourth PR Of 2010

Run SMART client John Robinson of Savannah, GA set his fourth PR of 2010, running 19:50 for 5k at the YMCA Heart of Savannah 5k in Savannah, GA. “After three months away from racing, I was pleased to see John PR on Saturday. He felt early on in the race that it might not be his best day, but still pushed hard, this says a lot about John. We’ll keep targeting shorter races this fall and I think we’ll see him bring this PR lower and lower,” said his Run SMART project coach Mike Smith.

Robinson has been a client of The Run SMART Project since 2009 and set personal records in every distance from 5k to marathon in that time.