Born To Rest

One of our clients worked with the guys over at BodyFix Method and she highly recommended their services for anyone suffering from a running related injury. I checked out their site and stumbled upon an interesting article, “Beware the Chair.” The average human apparently sits in a chair 9 hours a day. If you add in sleepy time we’re talking 3/4 of your day sitting and sleeping. We’re the Born to Rest generation! Our ancestors survived through running so we could all sit back and relax, I guess.

Run SMART Friday Soundtrack – Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk

It’s Friday – again! Here’s “Sweet, Talk, Sweet Talk” by The New Pornographers. It’s off of their latest album, Together, one of the best albums of the year. Pop this album on when you get back from your run and you’ll be dancing through your core routine like a silly person.

Building A Running Community In Scranton

We’re proud to announce that Run SMART Advisory Board members, Matt Byrne and Matthew Rosetti, have officially opened The Scranton Running Co. We support them in their mission to build a healthier and more active community in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

They’re off to a great start! Check out their Team Survivor. It’s an incredible story. If you ever run the Steamtown Marathon make sure to drop by and say hello – they’re right across the street from the expo!

Another Reason Not To Run With An iPod

Zaphgod's Flickr page

Came across a great post today on Sweat Science, “Is exercising with your iPod making you stupid?” Clearly, heading out the door for a run with a listening device increases your risk of injury, yet many runners are willing to take that chance because music either helps them get a better workout or provides extra motivation to get out the door. Music can certainly make a long run less monotonous as well. But what if all this uninterrupted stimulation via digital technology is causing us to forfeit crucial downtime for our brains that helps us learn and remember more leading to more creativity and thoughtfulness? Would you put down your iPod then?

Kim McCracken Sets First Run SMART PR

Big congrats to Run SMART Retreater Kim McCracken for setting her first PR since signing up for private coaching! It was actually a first for our newest Run SMART coach, Rod Koborsi, as well. We’re happy to report they’re both off to a great start.

Kim finished the Rye Harbor 10k in 45:13 (7:18 per mile, full results). She beat her previous best for 10k by 80 seconds, which was set last year on the same course!!

Run SMART Friday Soundtrack – Little Sister

It’s Friday and we’re going to start your weekend right with a groovy cover of Little Sister by Pearl Jam. It was originally released as a single in 1961 by American singer Elvis Presley, who turned it into a #5 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Enjoy your runs this weekend!

Active Release Technique (ART) And Running Injuries

I just stumbled upon an interview I did back in 2007 with Dr. Marc Bochner, who is board certified in sports injuries and Active Release Techniques (ART). It got lost in the shuffle when we transferred the blog over from Blogger to WordPress. I’m very happy to share it because we’re big proponents of ART but it also provides great insight into how to comprehensively prevent and treat running injuries.

Owen Kendall Sets Third PR With Run SMART

Run SMART client Owen Kendall set his third PR since signing up for private coaching this past April. Owen lowered his 4-mile PR several weeks ago in Central Park to 21:25, which was a thirty second improvement from his previous best. Recently, on Vancouver Island he dropped another 19 seconds on a very hilly course on Vancouver Island, finishing in 21:06! Next up – sub 21 minutes!!!

Owen works with Run SMART coach Dan Wilson.

Cathrine Wolden Sets Third PR With Run SMART

At the NYRR Women’s Team Championships in Central Park this past weekend, Run SMART client Cathrine Wolden, set a new PR for 5 miles. Her official time was 31:41 (6:20 per mile), which was almost two minutes faster than her previous best set back in ’09! This was Cathrine’s third PR since joining Run SMART. She is currently training for the New York City Marathon so we hope to report another big PR this fall!

Cathrine works with Run SMART coach Alicia Shay.