Iron Deficiency In Runners

The latest question in our Ask a Coach series comes from a college athlete suffering from anemia.

Question: Since I know this is fairly common among female runners, I am interested in knowing how long it typically takes for people to start racing well again after beginning supplementation.  Additionally, should training be altered? And if so, what kind of changes would you recommend?

Run SMART Coach, Alicia Shay: First of all, knowing that it is difficult for many female distance runners to keep their iron in a normal range, it is imperative that you are always proactive so that your iron doesn’t get too low and you have to dig yourself out of a hole and lose time training.  You can do this by taking a daily iron supplement and also always eating a diet rich in iron. I am a huge proponent of trying to get as much iron as possible through natural source and then as a last resort, taking supplements.

Terry Ballou Wins Valentine Invite 800M

Run SMART client Terry Ballou, at 42 years old, has set her second post-collegiate PR in the last month by winning the 800M at the Valentine Invite at Seton Hall University. She finished 17 seconds ahead of the next female competitor and a little less than one second behind the first male finisher. Her time, 2:21.18, was three seconds faster than her previous post-collegiate PR (and on an old-school indoor track (flat), kiddies).

Earlier this month we noted Terry’s 1500 win at the Colgate Games and her post-collegiate PR in the 400 at the Millrose Games. She’ll be going after sub-4:55 in the 1500 at U.S. Masters Nationals in March.

Terry is coached by Dan Wilson.

Restorative Yoga Workshop (NYC)

Join Mimi Rosetti for a Yoga Restorative Workshop on Sunday March 7th from 1:30-4pm at YogaWorks Eastside Studio in New York City. We recommend restorative yoga for runners to help relieve physical and mental stress and this workshop is a great opportunity to help you recover from your Sunday long run. No previous yoga experience is necessary so check it out and definitely start incorporating a restorative practice into your training regimen. For more information check out the workshop flier.

Jen Johnston Wins Age Group At Friendship Run 2010

Congrats to Jen Johnston for picking up a win in her age group at the Friendship Run 2010 in Olympia, WA last weekend. You can check out the full results here. She finished first in the 40-44 age group. Not to shabby after setting two marathon PRs just a few months ago.

Jen works with Run SMART coach Blake Boldon.

James Freed Sets PR At Hilton Head Half Marathon

James Freed of Emmaus, PA finished 8th overall at the Hilton Head Half Marathon this past weekend setting a new PR by 3 minutes. James’ overall time was 1:26:48. Considering he took a 1-2 minute accidental detour due to the misdirection of a few volunteers on the course, we’re confident he’s on his way to reaching his goal of sub-3 hours at the Boston Marathon in late April. Keep training hard James!

James works with Run SMART coach Dr. Jack Daniels.

Mizuno and GU Energy To Sponsor 2010 Run SMART Retreat

We’re pumped to announce that Mizuno and GU Energy will be sponsoring the 2010 Run SMART Retreats in Flagstaff, AZ. Both companies helped make our retreat a success last year so we’re happy they signed on for another year. We look forward to working with them again on putting together an amazing welcome package for all of our guests. Check out all the latest updates on our 2010 retreats.

‘The Long Green Line’

I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon this video thanks to a Run SMART fan who posted it on our facebook page. “The Long Green Line” is a cross country running documentary about legendary coach, Joe Newton, and his quest for his 25th Illinois State Title in 50 years. It’s one of the most heart warming stories I’ve seen in a long time and certainly a true tear jerker at times. Coach Newton’s spirit is unrivaled and infectious. I love this man and wish there were more people like him. Once you start watching you can’t stop. He’s the epitome of what all coaches should aspire to when working with younger athletes. Definitely give this film a look…

Private Coaching Testimonials

Today, we unveiled a new page on – Testimonials. Thanks again to everyone who participated… we’ll be adding more soon. Make sure to check them out, they are a testament to who we are and why our private coaching project is effective. Here’s one of my favorites:

Running Shoe Tips For The Winter

Running in icy and snowy winter conditions can be very dangerous, especially if you’re getting your runs in before the sun rises or long after it goes down. Run SMART coach Vince Sherry covered this subject in the Arizona Daily Sun yesterday and offered a few great tips.