Mitchell Thornton Wins Age Group At Turkey Trot 5 Miler

Run SMART client Mitchell Thornton won his age group at the 2009 Turkey Trot 5 Miler in Warren, OH. Mitchell ran 29:07 (5:49 per mile) winning the 16-19 age group by 25 seconds. (Full results).

Run SMART client Tim Bradley got 20th place at the 100th Thanksgiving Day Race 10k in Cincinnati, OH. Tim managed to run 33:09 (5:21 per mile) amidst his build-up for the Disney Marathon in January. (Full results).

Both clients work with Dr. Jack Daniels.

Chia Seeds And The Beneficial Properties For Runners

imagesI became familiar with chia seeds while reading the book Born to Run and recently have been amazed at the nutritional and beneficial properties these tiny little seeds possess. For centuries chia seeds were known to be an endurance super food and apparently they are part of the Tarahumara running tribe’s staple diet.  Now, I’ve heard many legends about certain natural foods possessing an amazing ability to make you run faster and longer, but when you do a little research it’s evident chia seeds have the stats to back up this claim. Amazingly, in the U.S., a nation with an abysmal health record, this product is packaged and sold as the hair on an animal figurine versus a health product that must be part of every human’s diet.

Check out just some of the facts which clearly translate into why these seeds could be hugely beneficial for anyone running many miles per week and training for marathons…

Jamesina Simpson Wins Xterra Topanga Turkey Trot 10k

Run SMART client Jamesina Simpson of Albuquerque, NM won the Xterra Topanga Turkey Trot 10k. Jamesina ran 51:57 over the hilly trail course at Topanga State Park – the next female finisher was almost 5:30 back! Full race results.


Jamesina works with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry.

Michelle La Sala Places 2nd in Age Group

Run SMART client Michelle La Sala finished 2nd in her age group and 17 overall at the 2009 Run to Feed the Hungry 10k Run, in a time of 42:36 (6:52 per mile).  Her time represents almost a 2 minute improvement for 10k in two and a half years since she started working with Run SMART.  Keep an eye out for Michelle at the PF Chang’s Rock and Roll Marathon in Phoenix, on January 17th.

Michelle works with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry.

Interview With Run SMART Coach Mike Smith

Run SMART coach Mike Smith dishes on everything from his recent trail racing success, what keeps him sane while training, capri tights in Germany, the new Pearl Jam album and much more…
Run SMART: You recently won the TransRockies Run in Colorado and now the Windstoppers Trailrun in Dortmund, Germany. Is trail running your new focus and did your training change significantly to prepare for these races?

Mike Smith: I would say that trail running is something I am curious about and exploring right now. It’s been so much fun thus far and right now that’s the name of the game for me. If I can be competitive, keep it fun, and give the training the time is needs then I think I imagine I’ll keep pursuing it. It feels like a rebirth of sorts for my running, so much of it for so many years was in this certain box, and this feels so outside that box. It feels like growth vs staying stagnant and unsatisfied.

How Should Runners Manage Windy Conditions?
Coach Jack Daniels was quoted in the Arizona Daily Sun about how runners should approach training in windy conditions. The wind can certainly be a drag (yes, pun!) on your training, so make sure to be aware of weather conditions ahead of time, especially during the winter and summer, then plan out where you’re going to do your run for the day. Jack does a great job of explaining how you can actually use the wind to your advantage with a little planning.

Run SMART Client Results At The DRC Half Marathon

Great Run SMART client results at the DRC Half Marathon this month in Dallas, TX. Melisa Christian was 1st female overall in 1:18:11 and Becky Angeles was 3rd female overall in 1:22:20. Also, Brian Schmidt was 2nd Masters and 10th place overall in 1:17:10. Full results.


Trail Running Shoes Vs. Road Shoes

Check out Coach Sherry’s column in the Arizona Daily Sun about the benefits of trail running shoes.

“Many runners would rather take their chances with a sprained ankle or bruised foot than trade in their favorite road runners for the running equivalent of a tractor trailer. Want to add a little more difficulty to 30-minute climb on a 15 percent grade at 8,000 feet? Throw on a pair of trail shoes from about 10 years ago. Fortunately, a lot has changed in 10 years. Technology has advanced and every major running shoe manufacturer offers a lightweight, stable, protective, breathable trail running shoe.”


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