Run SMART Clients Qualify For Boston Marathon

Congratulations to Alex Gardner and Tom Klimek for making their Boston qualifying goals.  Alex shattered her marathon PR today at Chicago, running 3:38:22.  That’s a 16 minute drop from her previous best at Chicago last year!  Tom brought his marathon PR down 8 minutes, running 3:05 today at Steamtown.  Both Alex and Tom deserve a lot of credit for executing their race plans meticulously.  Look forward to more results from both as we move towards Boston.

Ask a Coach: Racing Tips For The Steamtown Marathon


Question:  How to pace the Steamtown Marathon

Run SMART Coach:  Don’t buy into the hype that you have to make up some time on the downhills early in the race. I would definitely advise against trying to bank some time early to make up for any slowdown later in the race. The key is not to get too excited in the first 8 miles where most of the elevation drop occurs. At the same time you don’t want to stomp all the way down the hills in the very beginning. Focus on shortening your stride a bit an shuffling down early, leaning slightly forward for less impact, less breakdown of the legs, and then be very mindful of the fact when your cruising slightly downhill. You should be using that time to conserve energy and relax at paces you’d normally work a little harder at. If you’re way ahead of pace but feeling great early I don’t see that as technically a good thing. The downhills can drag you out too fast and then that’s when the uphills at the end get their reputation. If you pace well early without trying to make up for potential lost time later you’ll be fine.

Run SMART Athlete Summer Race Results

Run SMART Athletes from around the county had great results in distances from 5K to 50K this summer.  Here’s a summary of just a few…

On September 7th, Everett Hill was only 8 seconds off in 10K PR on a very challenging course.  Everett was in the middle of training for the Marine Corps Marathon which takes place in just over 2 weeks.

Everett, finishing strong

Everett, finishing strong

Dr. Jack Daniels’ Clients Improve Again

We’d like to take the time to recognize two more of the latest Run SMART PR’s…

Ilea Eskildsen finished 12th overall at the Syracuse Festival of Races 5k in an outstanding new PR of 17:58.

Mitchell Thornton, another member of Dr. Jack Daniels’ crew and the latest to PR, finished the Peace Run 10k in 36:23. It’s also important to note that Mitchell PR’d for 5 miles during this race!

Run SMART Clients Perform Well At Twin Cities Marathon

Brian Schmidt, coached by Blake Boldon, ran a new PR by almost 12 minutes, finishing in 2:47:24. That time placed Brian 21st overall for the U.S. Masters Championships! Check out Brian’s full race results here.

Melisa Christian, coached by Dr. Jack Daniels, also competed at Twin Cities, which hosted the USA Women’s Marathon Championships. Melisa, like Brian, had a great performance finishing 18th place overall in 2:41:55.  Check out Melisa’s full results here.