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Ryan Hall Discusses Working With Jack

Ryan Hall talks about his love for Flagstaff, AZ, staying healthy and working with Jack.

Winter Running Advice Featured On Well And Good


Our Winter Training Program with Finish Line PT was recently featured in Well and Good NY! Founder Brian Rosetti dropped some timely winter weather running tips as well!

Here’s the top 5…with more info about each over at Well and Good.

  1. Wear the right shoes #softrubber #widertread
  2. Run by time, not distance
  3. Run against wind first on out and back courses
  4. Don’t lose quality, take advantage of “dread”mill
  5. Say no to cotton!

Dr. Jack Daniels: “The Endurance Scientist”

In case you missed it in Competitor Magazine they did a profile on Jack in their Mountain West edition, Endurance Scientist – How the “World’s Best Running Coach” created a formula for running. “I approach run training from a scientific point of view,” says Jack. “However, I also use lots of information I have gained from doing research with many elite runners [by] getting to know them personally and finding what works best for different people. We are not all the same.”

There’s also a nice sidebar on our annual summer retreats with great quotes from Run SMART Retreat Director Mike Smith. “We’re located in a world-class location for running. [From] the backdrop to everything we put on is a runner’s paradise. And lastly, we just take care of everything, from great dining to showing you some of Northern Arizona’s most prized spots, [such as] the Grand Canyon and Sedona,” says Smith.

‘My Mother Can Catch Him Because She Runs Fast’

We missed this local story from back in April on longtime Run SMART client Cathrine Wolden. At 40-years old the full-time mom talks about juggling family life and her quest to break 2:50 in the marathon.

Wolden, who has set 2:50 and 2:45 as her next marathon goal times, said she has had to adjust her training schedule over the last few years while she cares for her young family.

“When the twins were born, I got back to training for the New York Marathon,” she said. “I had to wake up at 4:30 a.m., run and get back to bed before starting the day. Now, with the children on a half-day [pre-school] schedule, I can run later in the morning.”

Check out the full story.

Run SMART Featured In Philly Mag

Monday, July 16th is the first day of training on our 18-week marathon training plans if you’re customizing a plan for the Philadelphia Marathon. Philly Magazine’s Courtenay Devlin just signed up for her very own Jack Daniels Training Plan. She interviewed Run SMART Founder Brian Rosetti and writes about the whole process. Check it out…

Using Daniels’ running formulas, the coaches are able to calculate the appropriate training paces to the second for various workouts necessary to keep clients on track to reach their goal. This means no burning out. Avoiding over-training is the key to success in a five-month training block.

The training schedule, according to Rosetti, is the equivalent of a private coach handwriting an individualized plan at half the price.

My thoughts on the cost: Once I opened up the e-mail with my plan, I could see it was legit. The program is not priced much higher than the generic plans and others offer, and the customization is worth the extra dough.

Read full article.

Know Your Pace

Just added a new article to our media coverage page. Jack and Vince were both quoted at length in this Runner’s World article about finding your ideal running pace. We’ll be posting a lot about appropriate training paces soon…in fact…we’re planning a whole series on this stuff! This is what we pride ourselves on and Jack’s body of work really focuses on the importance of knowing the purpose of every workout and what your ideal pace should be to achieve optimal results.

Once you’ve established your baseline 5k pace, use it to determine how fast to run your workouts. “Your goal is to create the least possible stress on your body that produces the maximum physiological benefits, not maximum stress to accomplish the same benefits,” says Jack Daniels, Ph.D., head coach with The Run S.M.A.R.T. Project. In other words, don’t run one second faster than necessary.

Read the entire article.

Last Minute NYC Marathon Tips

Run SMART coach Brian Rosetti offered up some important last minute marathon tips for the New York City Marathon at Proper rest, nutrition, warm-up, settling nerves, etc. were just some of the topics covered.

Rest. “There’s nothing you can do at this point to improve your fitness in time for the race. At this stage, you can only hurt yourself by doing too much,” said Brian Rosetti, an Upper West Sider who founded of The Run SMART Project, a coaching service for runners.

Take a few days off completely this week, said Rosetti, and limit your running to a two or three mile run at your goal pace or a little faster on Tuesday or Wednesday.

You can read the full article of tips here.

Thirsty Thursdays With Jack Daniels (VIDEO)

In the latest Thirsty Thursday video Jack talks about his biggest accomplishments as a coach and athlete and discusses why it’s better to under-train. You can check out all the great episodes on

Watch more videos on Flotrack

Mike Smith Featured In Running Times Article On Trail Running

Run SMART coach Mike Smith talks about transitioning to trail running and offers some great advice.

Smith, who coaches for the Jack Daniels-inspired Run S.M.A.R.T. Project, stresses the importance of practicing these pace changes.

“If I were training a road runner for a road race, I’d want them to become very comfortable at race pace. We’d practice until they could take a nap at race pace. But on the trails, this rhythm running won’t work. A trail runner must be very good at changing gears. They have to be used to running at a maximal effort but changing their pace significantly during the race.”

Check out the full article over at

Get Marathon Training Tips From Olympian Magdalena Lewy Boulet

Running Examiner, Kimberly Bogin, has a nice write-up about The Run SMART Retreat on

Have you ever wanted to work with the legendary running coach Dr. Jack Daniels? How about get some marathon training tips from Olympian Magdalena Lewy-Boulet?  The Run SMART Project is offering a dream running vacation July 24-30, 2011 in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Check out the rest of the article.