Nailed It!

Lennart de Lange of Amsterdam, Netherlands completed his 18-week marathon plan right on target at the London Marathon. Along the way he even set a new half marathon PR running 1:18:55.

When we originally uploaded Lennart’s plan to his VDOT O2 calendar we projected a finish time of 2:45:12. After he ran his 1:18:55 (59.3 VDOT) in Week 12 we consulted with him that he was right on target since the equivalent performance for the marathon was a 2:45:01.

Why Active Release Technique (ART)?

By Dr. Sebastian Gonzales

Active Release Technique (ART) is a patented, highly advanced, and specific treatment method for soft tissue injuries, nerve entrapment, and decreased/limited range of motion and flexibility.

Upon examination of the injured area, ART sessions will include a combination of pressure applied by the practitioner and specific movement from the patient. This combination of pressure and movement will provide a targeted and specific treatment to the affected area.